Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Campbell's Birthday Party

Last Thursday we celebrated Campbell turning six years old! His birthday party wasn't quite what we had imagined it to be when we first began planning for it but we did our best to make it as fun as we could with just our little family of five!! I told Scott that I am glad I know how to make balloon garlands because they automatically make your space feel so special and festive!! I made it as soon as Campbell went to bed on Wednesday night so when he would wake up on his birthday, it would feel decorated and exciting for him!
Campbell wanted to open his presents first thing in the morning and he played with them all the rest of the day! His favorite gift was his new bayblades and he was really excited about his new Pokémon cards too. But he gasped and was SO excited the most about his new big dinosaur we got him...as if he needed another.
I offered to take Campbell to go hiking or something like that but he just wanted to be home all day and play with his new toys so that's what we did. We had so many sweet surprises throughout the day from his friends. So many of his sweet friends sent him happy birthday videos and some of them even dropped off presents on our porch. Campbell loved his videos and presents from his friends and it made the day exciting because it seemed like every hour there was a new video or present from his friends!!
Later that night we ordered a pizza then had cake!! I had ordered this cake for Campbell for his birthday party. I told Scott I was going to cancel and just get us a smaller cake. But Scott insisted we keep the big cake and I'm glad we did. I think it's the coolest cake I've ever seen and I'm super sad no one else got to see it but us. Campbell loved it and was so surprised by it since we kept it hidden until after dinner!!
We ended the day with a pinate, something Campbell has always wanted to have at a birthday party! When I tucked Campbell in bed that night, he asked me if I would sing happy birthday to him one last time which was just so sweet to me.
We made the most of our day and Campbell seemed to be happy with how the day went. He didn't claim it was the best day ever like he has his other parties in the past but that's okay. He did say he had a great day and I could tell he felt really special that day! We did all we could with what we had to work with. I honestly felt a little sad for him because this is his first year (since he's in school now) that he's had really good friends that he knows so well and spends so much time with. I was so excited for his birthday celebration with all of his friends. It's okay to be sad over what we're missing out on right now but important to keep things in perspective too because if we have our health and each other, truly nothing else matters. We will always remember our pandemic birthday party that's for sure and the only thing I really care about is that we have our sweet Campbell to celebrate!

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