Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ivy and Madison Turn 8

Ivy and Madison are celebrating their 8th birthday today! It's hard to believe our girls are eight years old. They are still just as vibrant and spunky as ever and I'm thankful that neither of them has started to slow down.
I write about my girls a lot. How Ivy is the alpha queen but loves her people and is super protective of her brothers. Madison is my free spirit. She's perfectly comfortable with her rank in the pack and lives for playing with toys and a good belly rub. Ivy is my dainty, delicate super skinny dog and Madison, if she were a human, would be like an insanely fit Olympian who would win the gold for her athletic skills.
I have a lot of favorite things about my girls but my current favorite thing about them right now is how predictable they are first thing in the morning. Without fail, as soon as our alarms go off and we're out of bed, Ivy goes and gets in her bed in the living room and Madison gets on the back of the sofa--in the exact same spot every time. Madison chills there for close to two hours and Ivy, as soon as I get everyone fed and settled, gets in my lap the moment I'm able to sit down with my coffee and watch Good Morning America. We all three stay this way all morning until someone needs us and duty calls. Then the rest of the day, the three of us are on the move. I say the three of us because where I am, they are two steps behind. My little shadows.
Happy 8th Birthday Ivy and Madison! You two are my sweet little nuggets who I adore and love with all my heart!

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