Monday, March 16, 2020


My goodness what a crazy time it is in our world right now. I sometimes don't even know what to think about all of this. Are we going overboard? Are we doing enough? So many unknowns. It's sad what's happening and scary too.
I started getting alarmed before the mass hysteria began. I'm a news junkie. It's what my TV is on 95% of the time and I've been following this story closely for a while, mostly because I've been intrigued (for lack of a better word). My mom was up here a few weeks ago and we watched a 20/20 special on the coronavirus. After it was over, we went to Walmart at 11:00 at night to get some essentials. I didn't go crazy--I didn't even buy toilet paper (however now I'm kind of wishing I had since it's nowhere to be found and I have about 2 weeks worth left) but I got some things to have in my home in case something happened. Just a little over a week later and the rest of my town decided to do the same. It's crazy how full the Walmart parking lots are and also how empty the shelves are.
Campbell is officially home from school. Tomorrow we start online learning. 1.) I had no idea Campbell had a laptop....he's just in kindergarten so this seems super fancy. 2.) I have a little anxiety about this at-home learning. Can I do this? Will Campbell be disciplined to do this at home? Will Bennett lose his mind that he doesn't have a laptop too? Be with us Lord. 3.) I really hope we get to go back to school after spring break.
Scott asked me if I had considered the fact that Campbell might not go back to school this year. I have, and it's heartbreaking to me to think he may not go back, so I pray that isn't the case. He loves his school, his teacher, and his classmates and we definitely need a proper, end of the year, goodbye.
Bennett and Wells are not in preschool/MDO as well. Even our church canceled services on Sunday and I'm almost certain they will do it again this coming week. Obviously, I'm on the side of doing what is best for our town, state, country and even world. My hope is that in two weeks this gets more under control and we can go back to our normal lives. I'm probably looking at best case scenario there.
I feel like the actions being asked of us are appropriate and our house is doing our part to flatten the curve. We are staying home, getting out only when necessary. I had to go to the post office today and Scott went to Fresh Market yesterday. We're going to the grocery store about every 3 days to get fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Other than that, we're just staying home. For Scott and I, it isn't a whole lot different than our normal lives anyway. He works from home and I'm a stay-at-home mom. I know some families are having to go through major adjustments right now and my heart goes out to the ones who are really affected negatively by all of this. My daily prayer is that all of the actions our country is taking will have a positive impact on stopping the spread of this virus. I pray we can resume our normal lives sooner rather than later. The unknown is unsettling but prayer gives me comfort so for now, all I can really do is stay home. And pray.

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