Friday, March 20, 2020

Surviving the Quarantine

I've never been good at staying inside for long periods of time. The cabin fever gets real, real quick for me. However, this time feels different. I pretty much don't want to go anywhere right now. I've gotten out of the house a couple of times this week for necessities but otherwise, we're staying put. I'm ready for this virus to stop spreading and I'm nervous about what could happen to my family if any of us were to catch it. It's easier to just stay home, where it feels safe.
That doesn't mean that I don't have my moments of really wanting to get out of the house though!! We've been pretty busy since apparently I'm a home-school mom now (and will be until at least April 17. Hold me) so we haven't had a whole lot of chances to go stir crazy quite yet. Last night the whole family (including the pups) took a walk around our neighborhood and it was so great to get some fresh air. Today I drove through Chick Fil A for a tea and some cookies. It felt good to get out and feel normal for a minute.
I thought I'd share with all of you some things you can do to survive this quarantine. Some of my recently watched favorite shows, movies, books, etc.

TV Shows
-The Morning Show is SO good and there's only one season which is nice. I get overwhelmed when someone tells me about a good tv series but there's like, 14 seasons. One season, definitely binge worthy, and a show you and your husband would enjoy together.
-The Crown is my favorite show on television right now. I have absolutely LOVED this show and highly recommend it.
-Homeland. Best show on Television. Scott and I have been watching Homeland since pre-kids. They are currently in their final season (season 8). So yes, if you haven't ever watched one of these episodes, that feels like a lot to watch BUT Y'ALL. It's the best show on television, not being dramatic. The Crown is my favorite show on TV (because the Royals, what's not to love?) but this is hands down the BEST television series. The stories and plot lines are SO good and suspenseful. Every time an episode ends you basically feel as if you have no option but to go right into the next one. Claire Danes is so good and has won the Emmy for her roll countless times. Scott and I are obsessed with Homeland and I'm so sad they are in their final season. This is the perfect show to watch during social distancing. You will want to binge so hard.

-The Imagineering Stories is my favorite thing on Disney+ right now and it was pretty much the first thing I watched when we got Disney+. I LOVE The Imagineering Stories. I've watched each one at least a dozen times and not many people I know have seen it but when I talk to someone who has, they all rave about how good and interesting it is. Your kids would probably get bored but you will love it.

-Three Identical Strangers
-What The Health
-The Bleeding Edge
-Super Size Me 1 & 2 (I liked the 2nd one best)
-Inside Bills Brain

-I just finished reading Melanie Shankle's newest book, On The Bright Side. I adore her books. They're quick and easy to read, they make me laugh so hard and they're lighthearted and uplifting. If you haven't read her books I highly encourage you to do so. Start with Sparkly Green Earrings.

*I am about to start working on a 1000 piece puzzle. My kids can actually help with this. I will gather up some pieces that I know go together and let them work on it. They love helping and seeing the final result finally come to life after several days of working on it! Ravensburger puzzles are my favorite!

*Next week I think I'm going to start working on some photo books for the kids. I've started then stopped several times but no better time than now to get it done!! I love Artifact Uprising books. They look like coffee table books. I'm going to make it really simple and do one photo per page and start from birth. I'll do a separate book for each kid so they can have them one day. I'm just going to use my very favorite images and not flood it full of photos. Simplicity will be key for me. I haven't decided if I want to do one book per year or maybe first 3 years or first 5 years. Either way, it's been one of those things on my to-do list for a solid 5 years now so I may as well get started!

Happy Quarantining!!

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