Monday, May 11, 2020

Bennett's Avengers Party

I was so excited when, earlier this year, I realized Bennett's actual birthday was going to be on a Saturday. It's always so fun when your birthday is on a Saturday and I knew he would love having his birthday and party on the same day. Enter the rona and it sure did get in the way of those fun plans. But. We weren't going to let it stop us from having an amazing day celebrating our four year old!!
Bennett went back and forth on if he wanted an Avenger party or a Peter Pan party. We made him come to a final decision last week and he settled on Avengers. So Avengers it was! Getting a big, fun cakes is my favorite thing about my kiddos birthdays and even though we didn't have the number of people we normally would for a party, we still went with the big cake!
We were so happy to see our parents/grandparents after going two long months without seeing them. The day was beautiful so we stayed outside pretty much the entire day. We got a big bounce house, had a few friends over to help us celebrate, and enjoyed our fun day!!
When we asked Bennett what his favorite part of his day was, he replied with "all of it!" He got a new big boy bed and a big boy bike for his birthday! He was showered with a lot of cool new presents and he seemed to very much enjoy having a day that was all about him!!
I love this superhero loving four year old and I had so much fun celebrating him this weekend. The day felt like life was normal, getting to spend it with family and friends, laughing and being carefree. I can't believe our Bennett is four! He is growing up too fast on me.

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