Saturday, May 9, 2020

Bennett is Four!

Bennett is four years old today!! This cute blondie is full of spunk and personality and he is so happy that his birthday has finally come. It was a long wait for him considering his two brothers have already had their birthday this year, which is obviously so unfair, but alas the day is here and we are ready to celebrate!!
Bennett loves superheros, particularly the Avengers. He loves wearing his Captain America costume every day but he will occasionally switch it out with the many other costumes he has hanging in his costume closet. Coming in at a tie or a very close second (I can't decide which) is his love of Peter Pan. Bennett can nearly recite the entire movie and he loves pretending to be Peter Pan. Bennett also loves Play-doh, riding his scooter, coloring, balloons and all things Disney related.
Bennett's favorite foods are yogurt, mac-n-cheese, fruit and french fries. He would spend all his time outside if we let him. Bennett NEVER meets a stranger and talks to literally everyone. He has a sparkling personality that is sure to bring a smile to anyones face who talks to him! Bennett is so good at writing his name and I adore all of the pictures he draws for me. Whenever he introduces himself he says his name is Bennett Johnson Graham. He says strawbellies, owange, and lellow and I dread the day he corrects it.
Bennett is loud, vibrant and the life of the party!! He gets easily frustrated in life and we have to tell him to calm down quite often. However, he has the most genuine little heart of any little boy I have ever known. He is truly made of pure love and has the sweetest little soul. He is kind to everyone, uncharacteristically cautious, and full of life. Bennett is without question my most amusing child! He never fails to make me smile every time I look at his cute face and the things he says on a daily basis always make me chuckle. He came into this world not making a single peep and stayed quiet the first 16 months of his life but he is most definitely making up for that now. I wouldn't want him to be any other way and I really look forward to seeing what is to come for this sweet boy! Happy 4th Birthday Bennett!! We love you to the moon and back!

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