Thursday, May 7, 2020


Life is verrrry slowly starting to feel like it's on it's way back to normalcy this week. Yesterday I went to Pottery Barn and today I went to Dillards. It was glorious. I happily shopped fear (and mask) free and thought how good it felt to be in a place that wasn't my house or Walmart.
The flowers in my yard are blooming or close to blooming and it is making me so happy. A simple pleasure in life for me is drinking my coffee in the morning and looking out of my window. No matter the season, it's something I enjoy. Right now I look out of my windows every morning to see if my flowers have blossomed yet. I have literally close to 100 peonies that are going to open up any day now. I am beyond excited to see them bloom. It really is the simple things in life.
In two days this blondie of mine turns four years old. I was so excited about his birthday party this year because his actual birthday falls on a Saturday. Womp womp. We are still celebrating big though and we are so excited to see our family this weekend that we haven't seen in almost two months!! Ready to get the weekend started!

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