Monday, June 8, 2020


Happy Monday! We had a fun felt normal. Bennett had a soccer game early Saturday morning. After his soccer game we did the drive thru farmers market, ate lunch at Slims (inside--as a family) then did our traditional Saturday Sam's Club run. The boys were so excited to be somewhere....they wanted everything in Sams. It's our first outing as a whole family in nearly three months and it's silly that a Sam's trip could feel exciting but it did.
This summer I have a nanny coming to my house twice a week to give me the chance to get stuff done. I was really hoping the boys would have their summer Mothers Day Out session. Initially they planned to have it but canceled a few weeks before it was supposed to start. I was disappointed because my kids love going every summer and I know they're missing out on all of that social interaction. They are enjoying their nanny though and we've been hanging out with a lot of neighborhood kiddos at the pool so at least they get some socialization there!
In some very, very exciting news, my all time favorite store, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, re-opened last week. Y'all. I love this place. It's my favorite sweet treat indulgence. I don't care about cakes, donuts or pies. But a chocolate covered oreo, strawberry, or apple from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the absolute most tasty treat to me. I am so excited to have my favorite treats back--I've missed them. About 10 years ago Scott called me into his office because of some suspicious activity on our credit card. He asked me if I knew what RMCF was because we were getting charged $5 here and there a few times a week. I told him I had no idea what that was. Scott was like "this is how they get you, by spending just a few dollars and hoping you won't notice. I'll call and dispute it." As I was walking away a light bulb went off in my head. I walked back into his office and said "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory." He was relieved our credit card hadn't been compromised and also disturbed that I was visiting the RMCF so often. LOL. No shame!

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