Monday, June 29, 2020

Won't You Be My Neighbor

This is our third summer in our home. Our neighborhood is new and we were one of the very first homes here. The first summer felt a little depressing. We left a wonderful neighborhood full of people we loved and spent a lot of time with to a nearly empty neighborhood with no one around. However, three years later, we now have eleven homes on our street and a lot more throughout the neighborhood! We have gotten to know all of our neighbors really well and it feels good to be part of a community again.
On Saturday night we had a small group of people come to our house for a little party! I have said for a year now that I wanted to have a get-together for everyone on my street so we could all get to know one another better. A few weeks ago I finally decided I needed to stop talking about doing it and just do it. Almost everyone was able to make it and we had such a nice time! We catered BBQ, set up the bounce house for the kiddos, and spent several hours hanging out! The weather was great and we had a nice little breeze and everyone kept saying how fun the evening was. I noticed a lot of people exchanging numbers and that made me happy!!
It has always been important to me to have a good relationship with my neighbors. Some of my very closest friends have been my neighbors. We had such a fun time over the weekend and I'm already planning on another gathering this fall....maybe a fun chili cook-off or something like that!

If you want to have a good relationship with your neighbors I encourage you to take the initiative and do it! Neighbors make for such great friends and we have been so lucky in our last two homes to become friends with so many of our neighbors.

I'm no expert but a few things I have noticed that make a neighborhood community come together are:
1.) A neighborhood Facebook group
2.) Get togethers whether it be the entire family, just ladies, or play dates with the kiddos.
3.) Fun neighborhood events for holidays like an egg hunt, 4th of July bike parade, etc.
4.) Boo'ing your neighbors for Halloween. Shhh....don't tell my neighbors but I start it every year and it's so fun watching it spread throughout the neighborhood.
5.) Introducing yourself to a new neighbor when they move in and bringing them a tasty treat.
6.) Spending time outside so you have a chance to talk to neighbors who are passing by.

May you all have a happy Monday and a merry new week!!

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