Thursday, August 20, 2020

Bennett's First Day of Pre-K

Back to school time!! Bennett is the first one in our house off to school this year. He had his very first day of pre-k today. Bennett is going to a different school this year. He was SO excited about it. We laid his clothes out last night and when I was making their breakfast this morning, he ran down the stairs, fully dressed and ready to go!! He kept talking about how he was going to a big kid school and on the drive to school he said "this is going to be SO fun." He was beside himself excited!!

When we got to school I pulled up and parked because I wanted to walk him a little ways (this school does car drop off/pickups). We got Bennett signed up after they had already had open house, so he had absolutely no idea where he was or where he was going or who any of these people were. It hurt my momma heart quite a bit that I wasn't able to walk him to his class and help him get settled. I was so, so proud of Bennett and the way he handled it all. He was definitely taken by surprise that I wasn't able to walk him to his classroom but he sure did put on a brave face. A teacher walked him to class and I was an anxious momma ready to get my sweet boy back and hear how his day went. 

I was at the back of the car line even though I arrived early. I don't know why I didn't leave extra early--lesson learned. I waited for about 15 minutes before I was able to pick Bennett up. I parked and got out to help Bennett into the car and as he was walking towards me I could tell by his face that he had not had a good day. He hugged me and wouldn't let me go and the first words he uttered in the saddest little voice were "they took my school supplies." He kept saying it over and over. Bennett was SO excited to get to have school supplies and I guess he misunderstood and didn't realize he would leave them at the school instead of bring them home with him every day. I got him into his car seat and explained that you're supposed to leave your school supplies at school and once we got passed that I asked him about his day. He wouldn't say much except that "everyone is different" and it made me so sad that he can't just be at the school that he's always gone to. Our previous school isn't opening back up and it's been really disappointing for our entire family. I can't believe that the place my baby has been going to since he was five months old isn't going to be there for his very last year. Not to be dramatic but we are quite heartbroken over it. It made me extra sad today because I know if he had been able to go to a place where he is familiar and knows everyone, he would have had an amazing day. And I also don't like flip flopping my kids around and like to keep things consistent which is another reason we've always stayed at the same school all these years (not to mention we absolutely loved it). So Bennett will be going to a new school this year, then another new school next year. 

I know I sound bitter but well, that's because I am. I'm beyond frustrated with how upside down life is right now and I really hate how it's affecting my kids. However, I know that there is a reason why our school didn't open and I'm trusting in the Lords plan for us and for Bennett. I know it will take Bennett just a little bit of time to get used to his new school and he'll end up loving it. I have always heard amazing things about the program and he'll be going four half days (plus one extended day) a week which I think is good practice for kindergarten. I'm glad school started on a Thursday and we can take the rest of the week off then try again on Monday. Campbell starts Monday, Bennett will be going back....I'm going to be a nervous wreck. The stress that stuff like this puts on me is almost silly but I love my babies and my heart just wants them to feel safe, happy and peaceful. So many prayers going up for this school year. It's so different already and we're just getting started. 

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