Monday, August 24, 2020

Campbell's First Day of First Grade

Back to school for Campbell!! Today was his first day of first grade. I'm anxiously waiting to pick him up so I can hear all about his day!! He never offers up as much info about his days as Bennett does so I'll have to work hard to get out of him what I can. 

Campbell was super excited to go back to school today! He woke up with a pep in his step and was anxious to get going. I made him a big breakfast and he watched Puppy Dog Pals on TV while he ate. Last night we made sure everything in his backpack was all set to go. It has to be the largest and heaviest backpack he's ever carried since he didn't get to drop his school supplies off ahead of time!! We snapped a couple of quick photos (he's so easy with the photos these days, bless it) and he was anxious to get going!!
Our school is super, super close to our neighborhood so Campbell gets to walk to school! It's so great. Our house is a little too far from the school to walk so I always drive us to the gate of the neighborhood, park, and then we walk. I am always thankful that Campbell is a "walker" but I was especially thankful for it this year. None of the parents were able to walk their kids to their classrooms but since we walk, I was at least able to walk Campbell to the front door of the school. I saw a lot of Mommas in car line with tears in their eyes watching their babies head into school. It made me sad. However, every kid I saw looked so excited and confident to be there! It didn't really feel like the first day of school, it felt like a regular day of school, but that's okay!

Campbell was so happy and confident. A major difference compared to last year!! I was so proud of him for being such a big, brave boy. He asked while we were driving from our house to the neighborhood gate if he could watch the video of how to get to his classroom one last time. He watched it and felt certain he knew how to make it there. I walked him to the front door of the school and he didn't even bother to give me a hug goodbye. He walked right through the doors and didn't even look back! I'm also 100% positive that he woke up today looking bigger. When I was going through the photos I took of him this morning, I was shocked to see how grown up he looked and I know it's not my mind playing tricks on me. I can't wait to hear what he thought about his day!! 

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