Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Movies

What are your favorite Christmas movies? I have SO many that I love. I like falling asleep to the TV at night. I crawl in bed and immediately put the sleep timer on for 60 minutes which gives me just enough time to listen for a bit before I doze off. As soon as Thanksgiving was over I started putting Christmas movies on for me to fall asleep to. One of my unconventional favorites is Fred Clause. HAHA. I seriously love that movie. 
The boys have really been enjoying watching Christmas movies and Disney+ makes it so easy to watch so many good holiday movies and shows. I just love Disney+. It's no question my favorite streaming channel that we have. Wells is super into Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas and Olaf's Frozen Adventure. I love going on Disney+ and choosing the holiday collection tab in the search bar and putting on holidays movies/shows for him. He loves it too. I know that sounds like an ad but it's not. Ha! I just really love all things Disney and it seems like they know how to do everything exactly right. 
Scott is working all weekend long so I'm going to be all alone during the day. Yikes! I'm only concerned about soccer tomorrow and managing all three boys. I have a sitter coming to stay with Wells during Campbell's soccer game because it's practice + a game so it's extra long and I just can't manage it alone with all three boys. But I'll bring Wells along for Bennett's soccer game and I'm just hopeful he'll chill out in the stroller like he did last week. His favorite things to say to me right now is "no no no no no no no" a million times in a row while waving his hand in my face so that's fun. It was so cute and sweet last year at our games when he just sat there. Still. Without making a peep. Good times.

Enjoy your weekend!

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