Monday, December 14, 2020

White Christmas

We had THE MOST FUN yesterday because we got so much snow here in Northwest Arkansas!! I heard we were getting snow but didn't put much thought into it because they always say we're getting snow and we never do. Or if we do it's just a dusting. It started snowing right before we left for church and the flakes were huge and falling hard. When we came out of church, it was a winter wonderland outside!! Before we went home Scott dropped me off at Walmart and Fresh Market and by the time we were making it home cars were in ditches on the side of the road because of all the snow. It came down fast!! It literally snowed hard all day long.

The boys had such a blast playing in the snow. We have an empty lot next to our home with a steep slope so we grabbed our sleds and road down the hill all day long. Even Scott and I got in on the action. It was so much fun!! Our boys have never experienced a heavy snowfall like this and I was just so excited for them. We made some sweet memories and I know they'll remember them for a long, long time. 
We used to get at least one good snow like this every year, sometimes more than once. When Scott and I went on our first date it snowed literally like a foot of snow. When we were gone on our honeymoon NWA experienced a major snow and ice storm. And when we were first married we got so much snow we were literally stuck inside our house for 4 or 5 days because we couldn't drive on the roads (the snow was beautiful but the cabin fever was awful!!!). Then we started having kids and we stopped getting fun, snowy winters. It has been such a bummer to me every season. So I was thrilled to get this snow and in December no less! Our home felt like a Christmas snow globe! We still have a lot of snow on the ground, could potentially get more tomorrow. So lots of beautiful snow pictures in my future. Pure magic!

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