Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Winter Wonderland

Campbell had virtual learning yesterday since the schools were closed due to the snow. I guess kids won't get snow days anymore since we know how to do remote learning now which, honestly, is fine by me. I always feel bad for the kids when they have to make up the days at the end of the year. Anywho, it went much smoother than it did back in the spring. Campbell does so much work on his laptop at school so he really didn't need my help at all--just a few times to read the instructions. It still gave me PTSD though and I don't ever want to do remote learning again. Everyone kept saying at the beginning of the school year that the kids would only be in school for a week or two before they got shut down but I always disagreed. I knew they would be in school without any problems, at least the elementary schools. We are now just one week away from finishing our first semester and have made it through perfectly! Praise the Lord!! I am SO thankful for Campbell being able to be in school. I can tell he has learned and grown a lot this semester and I hope for a full next semester so he is able to continue in expanding his knowledge. 

Since Campbell was busy with school we didn't really get out much in the snow yesterday. Bennett played in it for a little bit and attempted to make a snowman. Am I the only person who thinks it's hard to make a snowman? I always struggle, much to my kids disappointment. We didn't sled but maybe we can do that tomorrow! We mostly just stayed inside all day watching Christmas movies and staying warm. I wish it would snow every December and stay snowy the entire month. It just makes it so much more magical! 

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