Friday, December 4, 2020


Wells will be two next month and he is officially acting like a two year old. Ha! He is something else, let me tell you! He is super sweet and snuggly but half the time he is spicy as hell. This is Wells world and we are just living in it. His saving grace is that he will literally sit still and watch an entire movie without moving. Current favorites are: Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas (he watches it at least once a day) Moana, All the Toy Stories, Frozen 2, and Olaf's Frozen Adventure. He just sits there and sucks on his little thumb, mesmerized. 

After church on Sunday he was looking so sweet in the worlds most beautiful classic baby boy outfit and I just had to get some photos of him. He is IMPOSSIBLE to get photos of these days but I still wanted to try. Somehow it worked (well, it worked because I put Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas on my phone and had Campbell hold it up for me....the things I do for a photo I tell ya) and I got one of my absolute favorite photos EVER.

I just love how timeless this image is. I love seeing a hint of his little room, his sweet outfit that I will keep forever, and the hot wheels peeping out of his hand. I want to blow this photo up really big and put it up in my house somewhere....I'm not sure if I have a good wall for it but I'll find one. I sometimes wish I had a studio so I could get those simple, classic and timeless images because they are my favorites. Just a creamy background and nothing else. However, this image works for me as far as being simple, creamy and timeless. Wells has a good bedroom for that! I got a few more of him that I really love too. It was such a pleasant surprise because I really can't get good photos of him right now because he is so busy. I love all of these images so much! And the sweet little sour patch kid in them!

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