Saturday, January 23, 2021

Wells is TWO!

My baby boy is two years old. I just can't believe how quickly he's growing up on me. Wells is the sweetest baby boy and we all just adore him. He knows he's the baby of the family and he enjoys it very, very much!!

Wells loves to play with cars. He has accumulated a very large car collection. He's my first boy to be interested in cars. He loves to roll them across a table and he loves to line them all up. He is so content with his cars. He loves Hot Wheels the most but really, any car will do. Wells also loves to play with the train table and he especially loves the trains that connect so he can slowly pull them all together. Another one of Wells favorite thing to play with is push toys. If he isn't playing with his trains or cars, he is pushing a toy around the house. We have a shopping cart that he loves but his favorite thing to push around is this alligator walker that all of my boys have used to learn to walk with. It's very loud and the alligators chomp while it's being pushed and he loves it. I've always said it was something I would keep forever and after how much Wells has loved it, it's become extra sentimental to me now!

Besides cars and push toys, Wells other love is his Pooh Bear. We got it at Disney World when we went for Christmas in 2019 (Wells first Christmas) and he has been attached to it ever since. He sleeps with it every night and every morning when I get him from his crib, he has to grab his Pooh and Piglet (we got him Piglet when Scott and I went to Disney this past August) before I get him out. Since he got attached to his Pooh Bear right away, I started introducing him to Winnie The Pooh on Disney+ and he loves it! He has loved Pooh so much and I love it too. It's such a sweet show. Besides Pooh, Wells of course loves Mickey too. Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures is his favorite of all the series but he loves any Mickey, even the Mickey Mouse shorts and this past Christmas he watched Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas at least twice a day. Wells also loves to watch movies which I think is kind of impressive for his age that he's able to sit still for that long. He has very recently gotten super into the Toy Story's and loves playing with all of our Toy Story toys. His other favorite is Frozen, especially Frozen 2 and he will belt out 'Into The Unknown' with Elsa with zero shame. It's hilarious. Moana is his other favorite Disney movie. 

Wells wears a size 18M in clothes but we're slowly being able to wear some 24M too. He wears a size 6 in Honest diapers and has a huge size 5.5 chunky foot! It's a sweat fest getting his shoes on every day. For most of this year Wells has been so obsessed with shoes and would always put just one shoe on and walk around the house with it. It didn't matter whose shoe it was, he just liked to have one....and just one...on. He doesn't do that as much anymore but it has always tickled us this past year. Wells is so sweet and still while getting his diaper changed and even comes and tells me when he needs a new one. He doesn't say a whole lot of words but his vocabulary is definitely expanding and it's so sweet to hear him talk. He loves reading books before bed every night. Books is one of the words he can say! He climbs in my lap, sticks his thumb in his mouth, and would let me read him 30 books every night if I was willing.

Wells favorite thing is milk and orange juice. He loves a good muffin and some yogurt too but everything else is pretty hit or miss. He has definitely been my most picky toddler and I honestly never know what to feed him. 

We love this sweet angel baby. He has been such a joy for all of us and is absolutely adored by his big brothers. They love their "Baby Wells" so much and Campbell is sad that Wells is growing up. These have been the sweetest last two years. It's so cliche but I really can't believe how quickly they have flown by. I have soaked them up and treasured every moment though. Wells is soooo busy all the time and being around him is so fun. Happy Birthday Baby Wells! You are so, so loved!!

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