Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Arkansas has decided to turn into Alaska. It is insane how cold it is here right now (feels like -12!!!) and we have gotten so much snow! The boys are loving the snow and I am too. However, I do not love these temps. They are brutal right now! 

Wells is really not a fan of the snow. He's scared to walk in it and he doesn't like being pulled in the sled either. He does enjoy staring at it through the window though!! Campbell and Bennett haven't gotten to play in it as much as I'm sure they've wanted to. It's just so cold and it's been snowing constantly. But maybe today we'll get out and do some sledding. There is a big hill behind our house that makes for the perfect sledding spot! I honestly don't know if we will be able to leave our house this week. I'm doing okay now but no doubt the cabin fever will catch up with me soon!!! We're supposed to get even more snow tomorrow. Crazy! Enjoying this while it lasts though! I'm so happy for my boys that they've gotten so much snow here in the last few months. It's so much fun!

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