Monday, March 29, 2021

Big Cedar Birthday

We decided to do something a little different this year for Campbell's birthday. Instead of having a party, we asked him what he would think about going to Big Cedar Lodge for the weekend. After showing him pictures of it and telling him about all the things we could do while we were there, he was all in! We asked the grandparents if they would want to come too and they all said yes! Early Friday, Campbell's birthday, we hit the road and headed for the Ozarks. 

We got there just before lunch, checked in, then headed to Top of the Rock for lunch then a golf cart tour. Campbell loved the golf cart ride and I was so happy to see him enjoying himself. I know parties are a big deal to kids and I was nervous he was going to wish he were having a party instead but he seemed to be having a great time. After our golf cart tour we headed to Fun Mountain for loads of entertainment. We decided after that we should head back to our cabin for cake and presents!! 

Campbell is really into Minecraft right now so I made sure to get him a Minecraft cake and we also brought a few Minecraft decorations for the cabin to make it feel all festive. After cake and presents, we ended the night with dinner then bed so we could rest up for a full day the next day. It was such a fun and memorable birthday. We loved doing something different and going on an adventure. Campbell absolutely loved it and we were excited to be there with family to celebrate him!

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