Friday, March 26, 2021

Campbell Is Seven

Today my oldest baby boy is seven! On this day seven years ago in the very early hours of the morning, this sweet boy made me a momma. And these last seven years have been the best of my life. 

Campbell is a gentle little soul. His teachers at school always tell me that he is soooo quiet and doesn't talk much but when he does, he speaks so softly. He is most definitely not that way at home but I can absolutely see him being that way at school. He has his timid moments for sure. Campbell loves school and his friends. He loves math and art the most and he eats the school lunch every single day. I have never made him a lunch to take to school--not even on the first day of school. He likes eating the school lunch! Campbell wakes up before anyone else in the house and he makes his own breakfast and watches TV in the playroom before school. When it's time to go to school, I go to the playroom to get him and he is already dressed with his teeth brushed and his hair combed--such a big boy. 

Campbell's favorite thing right now is Minecraft. He spent the better part of the year being into Pokemon but now Minecraft has taken the lead. Campbell loves playing Minecraft on his switch and he also loves watching other people play Minecraft on TV (a form of entertainment I just will never understand). Campbell also likes building Legos, coloring, and riding his bike. 

Campbell has lost two teeth now and he's itching for the rest to come out! He is the skinniest little thing and wears a size 5 in pants/shorts and a 5/6 in shirts. 

Campbell is a sweet little boy. He's not the rough and rowdy type. He keeps to himself quite a bit but he loves playing with his little brothers. He and Bennett enjoy all of the same things and Campbell is a really protective big brother to his baby Wells. He's sweet to his Mom and Dad and he loves his puppy sisters too! 

Happy 7th Birthday Campbell! You are such a great kiddo and we are super proud of you! We are looking forward to celebrating you all weekend!!

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