Thursday, March 18, 2021

My Favorite Self Tanners

With spring weather quickly on the horizon I thought I'd talk about my favorite self tanners. I have discovered a new one that I LOVE but I had previously used the same self tanner for over 10 years now and love it too. They both work great and I prefer them both to getting a spray tan just for convenience. One is very different from the other though so I'll share them both!

The newest self tanner I've been using is THIS and I am obsessed. It is very dark, which I personally like. If you prefer a more natural looking glow to a dark tan then this is not the self tanner for you. It goes on with an immediate color which makes applying it with a streak free application a piece of cake. The bonus to this self tanner is that you can wash it off after just two hours. The tan lasts me about 8 days before it starts to fade. It is the best at-home self tanner I have ever used. I love it! The color looks very dark when it's first applied, similar to going to get a spray tan. I always think of Ross from Friends "I'm an eight!!!" But it washes off a little and the result is a perfectly bronzy tone. The only downside to this self tanner is that I have to have Scott help me with my back but the application is quick, simple, doesn't smell and doesn't feel sticky either. You absolutely 100% have to use a glove when applying this self-tanner otherwise your hands would look terrible. I use THIS glove. I do use this self tanner on my face and have had no issues. I love, love, love how bronzy this self tanner is and I also love how long it lasts.  

If you aren't into a super dark look but want a little color going into spring then I highly recommend THESE. I have used Tan Towels for well over a decade and have always been really happy with them. The color isn't very dark so I have always used two towels at a time. One for my arms, chest and stomach and another for my legs, butt and back. Even if you don't want to be very dark I still recommend using two at a time. The thing that's so nice about Tan Towels is after a quick little air dry, I can throw my clothes on, put on my make-up (even though I do apply tan towels to my face) and go about my day. I leave it on all day long then shower at night to wash it off. The tan only lasts around 4 days or so but it's definitely the easiest and most convenient way to get a little color and it really doesn't have a smell to it so it won't bother you to leave it on all day. 

I have always loved having a little color, even in the winter. Everyone thinks I have olive skin but I am white as a ghost. I spend a lot of time in the sun in the summer (I know, I's terrible for my skin) and in the winter I am always using a weekly self tanner. I just feel so much better about myself with a little color. So, these are my favorites in the self-tanner category. Both very different from one another but both produce a great color and are easy to apply and use! I know you will be pleased with whichever you choose to go with!

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