Sunday, May 9, 2021

Bennett Is Five!!

Today our sweet little Bennett turns a whole hand. He has been excited for his birthday for months. Birthdays are a really big deal to Bennett. The countdown has been on for a while now. 

Bennett has such a genuine little heart. He is sweet to his core. He has a big personality and talks really loud so it can sometimes be hard to notice but this kid is good. So, so good. His heart is truly something special. 

Bennett is really into ninja's right now. He loves watching Ninja Kidz on TV and wants to be a ninja himself. Lucky for him, we're starting him in some lessons tomorrow! Bennett also enjoys playing his "Betindo Switch" and loves all the Mario and Pokemon games. He also really enjoys coloring, riding his scooter, being outside, and curling up in a blanket and watching a good show. Bennett loves for you to read him a book before bed or tell him a story. 

Bennett LOVES having cereal for breakfast and eats it every single morning. His favorite lunch food is a grilled cheese and for dinner he'll eat whatever we make him in order to get some kind of small candy/dessert afterwards. He really loves strawbellies and I will be so sad when the day comes that he doesn't call them strawbellies anymore. 

Bennett has learned so much in his preschool this year. I have been so proud of him and how much he has grown. He loves his school, his teacher and all of the new friends he has made. He gets in the car from school and says the sweetest things all the time like "God is for us" or God's not dead, he's alive!! A few nights ago he said the sweetest prayer at dinner (he loves saying the blessing and his prayers are so sweet) and he said "thank you for saving us." His new school has had such a wonderful godly influence on him and I am eternally grateful for that. 

I always think Bennett hit the jackpot by being the middle because he is super close with Campbell but he is also really close to Wells too! The older Wells gets, the more they bond. Wells copies EVERYTHING Bennett does and Bennett loooooves his "baby Wells." He is lucky to have landed in the middle. He is a super sweet big brother and a cool little brother too. 

Happy Birthday Bennett. You are such a delightful kiddo. You live life big and shine bright wherever you go. I love your cute personality, although sometimes I am terrified about what will come out of your mouth. We never know what you'll say! Ha! I love how passionate you get about everything you are into and watching you just makes me smile so big. We love you buddy!

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