Monday, August 16, 2021

Back To School

Back to school! Today was Campbell and Bennett's first day of school. Campbell is in 2nd and Bennett is now a kindergartner!! 

The boys were excited to go to school! Bennett was full of confidence and has been looking forward to this moment for two years now. He couldn't wait to go to kindergarten and I'm just dying to know what he thinks about it. I can't wait to hear all about it when I pick him up! Thankfully Bennett will tell me all about it too. His brother usually just says "it was good" and that's about all I get. Ha! Bennett's teacher seems absolutely precious and I feel so thankful he is her student this year. I can tell Bennett already feels comfortable around her and I know he is just absolutely going to love kindergarten! I couldn't even bring myself to feel emotional about Bennett being such a big boy now because he was so excited to be there. I'm so happy for him. 

Campbell was excited for school to start. He has two friends in his class so that made him really happy. He was a little bit nervous when he woke up this morning and he started shutting down a little as I was walking him to his class. When I was saying goodbye he was fighting back tears which didn't surprise me. Campbell is just like me when it comes to emotions so I know exactly what he's feeling: excited, nervous, homesick already, looking forward to the year, happy to be there, wishes his momma could stay because that would make it perfect. He may look like his daddy but he is just like me when it comes to all those big feelings. I know it didn't take him too long after I left for him to perk up. I hope he'll share more than a few words with me about how his day went. Just like last year, he didn't want me to pack him a lunch. Campbell LOVES the school lunch hahahaha and I didn't pack him lunch one single time last year. Makes it so nice and easy for me!

I hope both of my boys have a wonderful year. We have been blessed with amazing teachers in the past and I hope that continues for us this year. Campbell seems like an old pro at school at this point. I hope he learns a lot and grows a lot academically. I hope school comes easy to him and that he enjoys learning. I'm so excited to watch Bennett's little mind expand this year. He will learn so much and I'm excited to watch it happen. He is going to love learning and he's so good at it too. Bennett is patient and doesn't get frustrated if he can't get something right away--he will try and try until he masters something which is such a fantastic skill.

My house is eerily quiet today and Wells and I weren't so sure what to do with ourselves so we decided to go have a lunch date then pick up some fun treats for Campbell and Bennett to have for when they get home from school. Anxiously awaiting to see how their day went!

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