Monday, September 13, 2021

Wells Goes To School

Well it's finally this little boys turn to experience school!! Wells has been home with me for a loooong time. I did have a nanny last year come to my house every week so I could get out and run a few errands but sending Wells to school feels much different than a nanny. I actually did really love having someone come to my house last year. It was nice that Wells could just be home and it was easier than taking him to school. However, I really wanted him to be in a little KDO program this year. A part of me felt a little sad to drop him off but I know this is so good for him to be around other little kiddos his own age and I think he'll love being there. 

We are going to a new (to us) school this year. I have a lot of friends send their kids here and I've always heard what a sweet program it was. I like that the hours are 9:00-1:00 because we can come home and Wells can take a nap. We went to open house last week and Wells loved playing in his classroom. He was especially enamored with the Mr Potato Head. I got a chance to chat with his teachers for a long time and they were both so sweet and friendly. 

Wells obviously thought his first day of school was going to be just like open house where we were both going there to play! He skipped right on into his room, so happy to be there. About 10 seconds later he turned around to see I wasn't coming in the room with him and he immediately started crying. I got out of dodge knowing he'd calm down in a few short minutes. 
I didn't even know what to do with myself during my alone time. I ended up eating lunch by myself at my favorite lunch spot--Panera--and it was so lovely and quiet. Before too long my day flew by and it was time for me to pick up my sweet nugget.

Wells was so happy to see his momma and I was so happy to see Wells! I couldn't stop kissing his little cheeks that I had missed so much while I was away from him. His teachers said he had a great day and when they showed him the lunch I packed him he said "yum!" and ate almost all of it. He colored a pretty picture that he was so proud to show me and I think he overall had a great day! I'm excited about this new school we're doing for Mothers Day Out. My overall first impression of it is really great and I'm praying we have a wonderful year!

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