Friday, June 4, 2010

My Favorite Dog

I came home from work and Scott beat me here. He has summer hours. He still works but from home which is nice! He turned around to say hi and I was sobbing. This huge look of concern came across his face and he said 'what happened?' I told him that it was so stupid but this song on the radio just came on and it makes me ball my eyes out every time I hear it. Like....cry so hard. How dumb is that? The song is The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. Have you heard it? The only reason it makes me cry is because of the part that says 'and I bet you didn't know under that live oak my favorite dog is buried in the yard.' Seriously that line makes me SOB. It's just the way that it's worded. Holly will always be my favorite dog. There will never be another like her and while I know I'll love my future dogs, I will never love them as much as I love Holly. She's my favorite dog I'll ever have and just the thought of me saying that line one day breaks my heart. I dread dread dread that day so so so so so so bad. Do you guys comprehend my love for that girl? I know I talk all the time about how much I love her but do you really get how deeply I love Holly? She is my sunshine. She's laying beside me right now. She's so soft and cuddly and I just can't imagine life without her. It's hard to remember my life before her. She's been around for forever. To know that her time is coming soon makes me cry every time I let myself think about it. Scott is always like oh my goodness I dread that time so bad. It will be awful. Awful. Anyways, not to be all depressing but that song depressed me for a good 15 minutes. It's a really good song but I could never purchase it on iTunes. I'd cry every day! So if you haven't heard it you should and hopefully you won't be ridiculous and cry like me!

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