Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby I Was Born This Way

Wow! It is pouring down rain outside. This kind of rain usually comes with a side of thunder and lightening. Isn't it so wonderful to wake to rain tapping on your window. It makes your room extra dark which makes it extra hard to get up. I don't have to go into work today until 2. I'm there until 8. If you're wondering if I like those hours the answer would be no. For many reasons. I like waking up early in the morning because I have to. On Thursday's I'm the epitome of lazy. It's almost 1 and I haven't even showered yet. Also, I hate working until 8:00 for obvious reasons. Boo. Oh well. Can't always get your way right? Usually rainy days = slow work days because people don't want to pay to get their hair done for it to just get wet or frizzy.
Last night Jaclyn and I had a little happy hour at Bonefish. It must'v been very happy because we got there at 4:45 and stayed until 8:30. Time flys when you're eating good food, drinking wine, and having girly conversation! It's always nice to have someone keep me company. I told Jaclyn last night that I truly believe the Lord made me specifically for a man who works nearly 24/7. I don't think the average woman could handle it. It annoys me sometimes but usually I'm really okay. I'm mostly just very proud of Scott. He's got a very successful career going and he deserves it because he works so stinkin hard. I would never complain (well okay every once and a while) to him about how hard he works. I just try to be very supportive. Maybe it helps that my father is the same way. This is what life is to me. The men work all day, all night, all weekends and that's just how it is. I remember going to a friends house after school and her Dad came home at 5:00 and I was so confused by that. I mentioned it to my Mom when I got home and she was like 'yeah Kara that's normal. Most people's Daddy's get home at 5:00.' I had no idea! Clearly I was born for this. It helps to talk to my Mom about it because she 100% gets it. So anywho, I'm always up for a girls night because well 1.) I don't have to cook. 2.) I get in some good company/conversation and 3.) It's just nice to get out on a week night right? Thanks JJ for last night's company!
Alright. I guess I should hop in the shower and get ready for work. Even though a movie and blanket seems way more approporiate for this weather. I really need to invest in some rain boots....

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