Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream Jobs

If you had the opportunity to do your dream job what would it be? I got to thinking about that today but I couldn't narrow it down to just one. This is what I decided upon.
1.) One of those people who travels around the world either doing stories on restaurants, hotels, or resorts. I mean, how can I get in touch with Travel and Leisure and figure out how to get hired by them because I'm pretty sure I'd be really good at it. I love to read my Travel and Leisure magazine and just sit at my computer for hours checking out stuff on their website. I could recommend the top places to stay and eat at any city around the world. Trust me. I've done my research.
2.) Kelly Ripa's job. She has to have one of the best jobs EVER.
3.) Here comes the quirky dork in me: Professional Organizer. This job is totally obtainable and I would get a little organizing high every day if people hired me to come organize their house...especially their closet.
4.) Working for Marie Claire, my favorite magazine. Imagine how cool it would be to work for a fashion magazine therefore always being the first to know the latest fashion trends AND nearly being required to dress totally fabulous for work. All the while meeting celebrities at The Ivy or Chateau Marmont and interviewing them, then going to their photo shoot for the cover and being involved in that too!
5.) Call me strange but how cool would it be to be Brangelina or TomKat's kids nanny? You get to travel all over the world with them plus get a little nosy insight into their life. And really, how hard could it be to be a nanny? Well, I guess Brangelina's bunch could be a little exhausting....worth it though. Plus you could probably totally raid Suri's closet when she grew tired of her stuff.
6.) It would also be so cool to own a vineyard. Can't you just see me sitting in a rocking chair on my wrap around porch, wearing a white button down, slacks, ballet flats and a pashmina, looking at my grapes, while sipping the wine I just made? I can.

I'm pretty sure if I could do one of these jobs I'd feel like the coolest person on earth. Ahh....good day dreaming today. I should waste more of my time and think like this more often.

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