Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion Score

........................ Just a little taste of one of my new J.Crew duds

Heeellloooo!! Today has been a very memorable day in my life. Why? you ask. Welp, I went and got myself a job. That's right folks. And you thought I never would. I could tell....
Anywho, I've (finally) started to get bored sitting here at home. Not gonna lie, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time off. Especially while I was giving my backyard a makeover. That kept me very entertained. And it's always so nice when Landon is home for the summer to be able to take off and see him as much as I want. Or spontaneously go to Little Rock to see my parents. Or just stay at home and snuggle with Holly on the sofa while it's pouring down rain outside. Or be able to go to the gym at whatever time of the day I want to.
However, after a while it's like 'okay Kara, you're not having kids for many years and you can't just sit here at home, alone, and do this forever and be happy about it and feel self-worth.' SO, the last few weeks I've talked to Scott and venturing out into the job world like everyone else my age does.
Today, I decided I would tackle my 'dream job' scenario and just see if it would work out. I popped into the store, told them I wanted a job and asked if they would hire me and they said yes right there on the spot!
So where is this dream job? It's Ropa! A fabulous boutique in the Pinnacle Hills area. They carry amazing lines like Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenburg, Ali Ro, Elizabeth and James, Alice + Olivia, Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Taylor...I could go on and on. And get this: I start tomorrow. Ahh! Die.
I'm so excited. I've been wanting to do this--and have wanted to work at Ropa--for a long time. I mean, don't get me wrong I love doing hair and it will always be a passion I have and something I'll forever do on the side. But fashion is just such a love of mine. I enjoy everything about it. I'm so excited about basically being required to look fabulous for work every day. How fun is that? That's one thing I didn't like about being a hair stylist--crappy clothes you're okay with getting color and hair on. It always depressed me when I was getting dressed in the morning.
Anyways, I'll fill you all in with more details like my job description/what I'll do later on this week. For now, I've gotta decide what I'm going to wear to my first day at work tomorrow. Until then...

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