Thursday, April 19, 2012


Does anyone watch The Weiner's Circle on truTV? Scott and I have been watching it all evening long and it's making me laugh like I never thought I could do again. It's this restaurant in Chicago and these crazy black ladies make these people do things/say things to win a free meal. Just a second ago these white people who were clearly from the south strolled in to order some food. The ladies running the restaurant asked them if they wanted to try to win free food. When they said yes, I was taking a sip of my wine when the Weiner's Circle ladies said "tell me 3 things black people like?" I literally had that moment you see in movies where the wine that I was sipping sprayed out of my mouth. The super white southern couple won free food when they said "rap music, Cadillacs, and hair weaves." Haha!! New TV show.
Scott said I should make today's blog light so people wouldn't think I was suicidal. So there you go.

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