Sunday, August 12, 2012

Splish Splash

This has been a good weekend! It's been very non-eventful which is why it was so good! Scott and I took advantage of the pool on Saturday so that was fun. This morning we went to church then spent the afternoon watching a Harry Potter marathon. I will never not watch a Harry Potter marathon!! We didn't end up going on that date I so badly wanted to go on because we ended up staying at the pool last night until about 7:00. Next weekend though--for sure--no excuses!!!
One noteworthy thing did actually happen this weekend. It involves Crazy Madison.
I can't do anything without the girls. They follow me everywhere and if I try to shut them out they stand by the door and cry so it's just easier, sometimes, to give them free reign.
So on Friday night I was trying to take a relaxing bath. I poured myself a glass of wine, turned on a little smooth jazz, threw in some bubbles and turned on the jets. It all seems very serene and it was actually if you ignore the puppies who's paws are propped up on the edge watching intently. I've gotten really good at ignoring them and that's exactly what I was doing when "SPLASH!!!!!!!!"
Madison, who can't get on the sofa without help, managed to hurl herself into my bathtub. Shocked but not shocked, I immediately scooped up the puppy that went straight to the bottom and didn't even have to wonder within that split second who my new company was. Needless to say, my relaxing bath was cut very short. I told you, we don't call her Crazy Madison for nothing.
"Madison, why in the world would you jump into the bathtub with Momma?"
"I don't know Ivy. It seemed like such a good idea at the time."

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