Sunday, December 30, 2012


My parents power finally came back on late last night. They were anxious to get back home so they left this morning. They had to throw out everything in the refrigerator and some of their favorite trees and outdoor space was destroyed but other than that I believe everything was okay. They felt like they were overstaying their welcome but I loved having them here. I was really sad this morning when they left actually.
My Mom's birthday was on Friday! We got a really good dusting of snow here in NWA which is always exciting. For dinner that evening we all dined at Basils then came home and watched Homeland. I think my parents are hooked!!
After church and a little nap I've spent the rest of my day getting my Christmas decorations packed up. I always wonder when I'm packing them up where I'll be in my life when I get them back out next year. I dunno...just something I've always thought about.
These two are sad Grace and Gamma are gone but I'm happy to have them back to myself now. My girls make it no secret that they love my Mom more than they love me and it hurts my feelings. I'm just as nice to them so I don't know why they like Gamma more but they definitely do.

Here's a few Christmas Photos that I haven't shared yet.
Photo op with the three little shorkies! Ivy, Madison and Grace waking up to enjoy their very first Christmas in their matching Christmas sweaters!
Pops getting photos of the grandchildren while they're opening up their Christmas presents!!
Scott and I spending Christmas Eve with his Dad and Uncle in his Dad's new condo.
A lot of firsts in this photo. First Christmas in our new house, first Christmas with our new puppies, first Christmas as a Johnson Family. (Holly was a Luttrell)
I had a great Christmas holiday. My parents stayed longer than I thought they would (which is why there was a lack of blogging) and I'm so glad they did. I know they were ready to get back home and into their own routine but I loved having them here for as long as I did.
I can't believe believe tomorrow is the last day of the year. Come back then for a recap on my year of 2012.


  1. Happy New Year sweet lady!!! Your sparkle blazer is precious, well heavens girl you always look precious!!