Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Too HIgh--Too Low--Just Right.

Happy Hump Day! I've spent my Wednesday running all over town. It's amazing how much I do that and you would think I would run out of errands but somehow I never do. I feel like I'm constantly on the go but I like it and enjoy it.
Yesterday I went to the mall to look for something for Scott. I picked up a few little fun goodies for myself while I was at it. They have these tops at Gap for $5 and I love them!! I grabbed another one in yellow because why not? I love a good sale.
While I was at the mall I also popped in Motherhood Maternity to see if I could find any maternity tops.  It should be noted that after I tried 3 tops on, I went to the register to make my purchase and I was out of breath. From trying on 3 tops. Embarrassing.
Campbell's bedding arrived yesterday! I'm really pleased with how it looks. Scott and I spent our whole evening last night setting it all up! You would think that wouldn't take up an entire evening but the linen was so wrinkly so we had to iron it which took forever. Then I put Scott to work raising and lowering the crib because I wanted the bed skirt to hit the ground just right. First it was too high then it was way too hour later we finally nailed it. I'm fairly certain Scott was more than irritated with me and would have preferred to not mess with it right that instant but I was anxious to see what it would look like so he complied. It's safe to say Scott and I are officially experts when it comes to raising and lowering cribs now if anyone out there needs some help with that. By the end of the night my back was killing me so I soaked in my tub then hit the hay. I love taking a bath. I take one every single night. I turn the lights off and throw some bubbles in and it's my time to just chill out and relax.....while my little audience watches.

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