Friday, September 5, 2014

Crazy Dog Person #1

My friend, Jennifer, made my day when she shared this hilarious link with me today.

30 Reasons That Dog People Are Completely Crazy

I was so surprised and shocked to see Madison and Ivy in the first photo! Totally cracks me up. The photo was, obviously, pulled from my blog. I'm thrilled to be called out online (and used as an example) for being a crazy dog lover. It's a title I'm quite proud of. Haha!! Nearly 100,000 people have shared the article on Facebook. It seriously makes me laugh so hard.

And for the record, my floor isn't usually "covered with squeaky stuffed animals, rawhides, and the remnants of God-Knows-What." I was just having fun with them that day and dumped out all of their toys on the floor for us to play with. HERE is the original post that the photo came from.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Update: Thanks Distractify for giving me credit for the photo!!!


  1. Yay for them giving you credit! Love it!

    1. Yay I know!! I'm so, so glad you stumbled upon that. My whole family has been so cracked up over it!