Saturday, September 6, 2014

Go Hogs!

We've got our gameday red on and are ready to cheer for our Razorbacks. Hoping we can pull out a win today! GO HOGS!!!


  1. Hi, Kara,

    I stumbled upon your blog via FB and the picture of your girls, Ivy and Madison and all their squeeky toys...too cute...and what a familiar sight that is for me.

    Our Fur Baby; Gracie, is the IDENTICAL third twin to Madison and Ivy. We rescued Gracie from an animal shelter and know she has to have some Shihtzu in her but we are unsure exactly what breed she is. I would love to know what kind of pups Madison and Ivy are. Gracie has an older brother, Oscar, who is a Shorkie (Shihtzu/Yorkie) but he is black and white and practically doubles her in size/weight.

    Gracie came to us scared of EVERYTHING... people, her water dish, even having her photo taken absolutely terrifies her (which is awful for someone like me who loves her dogs more than life itself and loves to photograph their every move.) I have always wondered if her fears are breed related or just because of her unfortunate background before joining our family.

    Any info you can give me on your girls, I would be forever grateful for. I love your blog...what a great concept and you are clearly very good at it. Keep it up! :-)

    Thanks so much in advance, Kara and God bless you and your family!

    -Erica :-)

    1. Hi Erica!!

      Ivy and Madison are shorkies also! They weigh about 7.5 pounds and turned 2 in March! I had a shorkie before Ivy and Madison. Her name was Holly. She was solid black, same weight, and lived for 16 years. My Mom also has a shorkie named Gracie!! She got hers from a different breeder but has the exact same coloring as Ivy and Madison.

      I'm sorry your little Gracie is so scared of so many things. Bless her little heart. Hopefully that's something she will grow out of as the months and years go on. How long have you had her? My brother rescued a dog, Winston, that was scared of everything too. He had clearly come from an unfortunate background. Three years later and he is a completely different dog now!! Although he tends to retreat to the bedroom when strangers come over.

      If you have any other questions about Ivy and Madison feel free to ask! They are such sweet sisters who love each other so very much. They bring us all so much joy. I can't imagine life without them!!