Monday, November 7, 2016


Hey-O! How was your weekend? Ours was lazy and pretty chill. Much needed.
Madison got a new toy and she's pretty pumped about it.
I'm happy to report Bennett has done great with Daylight Savings Time. He slept until about 6:40 on Sunday which was nearly 13 straight hours of sleep for him. It was a total fluke because Bennett has never slept in. If anything, he tends to wake up 10 minutes early. He chose the perfect day to get some extra sleep! Campbell has never had a problem adjusting to DST so between that and our luck with Bennett sleeping in, we sailed right on through. Thank goodness!!!
The leaves are so pretty right now. It makes me sad to see them falling off the trees but I do love how pretty it makes the ground look.
It's been a big week for Bennett. He started solids last Tuesday. He seems to be a fan! We've done a couple of different fruits and a few veggies and he opens his mouth wanting more. At first he wasn't so sure about it but then decided he liked it. He isn't a human disposal like his brother was though. After 10-12 small bites, he lets us knows his belly is full and he's all done.
The weather is turning cooler but it's still nice enough to go outside and enjoy the swing! I'll be sad when it's so cold you're forced to hibernate indoors. It gives me the cabin fever for sure.
I got a new, fluffy rug for the boys bathroom and the girls really appreciate it.

Tomorrow's a big day for America! Until then...

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