Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pumpkin Spice

Look at this sweet angel giving a smile behind that paci. Bennett does this all the time and I adore it. This baby will be six months old next week and I can't even believe it! Time is flying. I sure do adore this little pumpkin. He goes so easy on me and is heaven sent no doubt! I just want to eat him up!! Can you tell I like him?
This week went by fast! I guess because Monday was a holiday so it made the week feel short. When I woke up this morning I kept thinking it was Monday. It just doesn't seem possible for it to be Thursday already. I had my Mothers Day Out today and it was extra nice. I really didn't have anything to do so I wasn't running all over town like a crazy person trying to get things accomplished. How can I have more of this? It was wonderful!
I can't decide if I'm managing my time poorly or if I'm just that busy but there's just not enough time in my day to get things done. I'm doing my best for my head to be on my pillow every night no later than 11:00. What in the world? I've always been a bit of a night owl but this is pushing it a little too far. You know how when you have a newborn and you start freaking out around 8:00 if you aren't already in bed and attempting to get some sleep? That's how I start to get around 9:00 when I realize I still have a lot to do around the house therefore I won't get to go to bed any time soon. Do any of you veteran mamas have tips for managing your time/house/kids? I feel like I'm missing something here. Or is this just what it's like once you have more than one kid? Please tell me it gets better as they get older! I just go, go, go all day long without catching a break. It's exhausting! Agh!!

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