Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wordless Wednesday (With Captions!)

 Come On Down!! Scott and I went to a Halloween Party Friday night and we went as contestants on The Price Is Right. This was the easiest and cheapest Halloween costume ever. All I did was purchase poster board, folded it in half, put duct tape around the edges then used yellow masking tape to make the numbers. Scott found an image for the name tags online and printed our names on them. The whole thing cost less than $10 to make and only took me about an hour to do.
Farmers Market Fun! The last one of the season.
My pretty little angel girls! Their 5th Halloween to dress up in costumes! :)
Trick Or Treat!!
Bennett's buddies! These cuties will all be in the same class together one day. I love these cute babies and their sweet mommas!
My niece, Avery, looking way too cute in her kitty cat costume. I wish I could have seen her in person!
 So in love with this photo my Mom got of Bennett while we were out trick or treating!
Campbell's candy stash! He racked up on the sweets.


  1. Love the costume idea for you and Scott: easy and fun!

    1. Thanks!! I enjoy going to costume parties but I really dislike trying to come up with a costume. This was easy and cheap! Even better. 🙃