Thursday, July 23, 2020

Wells | 1.5 Years Old!

Wells is 18 months old today. He still seems like my itty bitty baby though!! I spoil him rotten and have no problem with it. He knows he is the baby in the family and he likes it that way. Wells is BUSY and it wears me out but he is so yummy and sweet. 
Wells really isn't talking yet. He talks jibberish to us a lot and makes a lot of different sounds but no words yet other than DaDa. Wells has figured out how to open the refrigerator and opens it all the time and gets mad when he can't reach a yogurt or danimal--his favorite. He is the most observant child I have ever seen. Nothing gets past this kiddo!
Wells LOVES cars and he plays with cars or his train table most of his day. He pushes them and makes a vroom sound. He also loves Mickey and Pooh and these days he is getting into everything!! He still takes two naps a day (I know, it's the best thing ever) and he eats more for breakfast than I ever could.
Wells almost has an entire mouth full of teeth. He is OBSESSED with shoes. Like, obsessed. If he sees a shoe he puts it on, no matter who's it is. And he smiles SO BIG when we go somewhere (a rarity these days) and we put his own shoes on him. He can go up the stairs but still doesn't know how to slide down them. He likes to wash his hands, give kisses, open cabinets, play with the remote, and be outside. Wells is a big time mommas boy and I'm not sad about it. He always has a smile on his face and he is still officially "Baby Wells" in our family. Love you Wellsy!!!

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