Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sunshine Day

The weather here the last few days has been amazing. I was up early this morning to ride on the Peloton and my watch said it was 57 degrees outside. What? It's August. It would be silly to spend a rare August day like that inside so we got out for a bit. We had a McDonalds car picnic (well, the boys did) then went to the Bentonville square. Most of our favorite places on the square are closed right now but we still had fun. The fountain always manages to provide a solid 45 minutes of entertainment so that alone made our downtown visit worth it. 
Once we got home we took off for the pool while Wells napped (Scott was at home working! I didn't leave Wells home alone). The sun was bright but the breeze felt great and it was just really nice spending the day outside!!
As of last week Wells officially dropped his morning nap. He's been doing pretty well with the transition but of course his days are a little fussier now than they typically are, especially around dinner time. I can't believe how long he held onto his two naps--18 months!! Definitely the longest any of my boys have kept both naps. I love the two naps and I'm sad it's over but the one long nap has it's advantages too. Also, he needs to size up in his sandals. Why do they always do that when there's only 6ish weeks left before the seasons change? You'd think I would already have the next size available stored away in the closet somewhere with all these boys I have but of course I do not. Typical!

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