Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Bird Lady

Happy February!! We are here, doing our same ol thing, just plugging along. I never have much of an interest in blogging anymore because I honestly just don't have anything to write about and I don't feel like posting just to post. However, I do have one new fun thing going on right now. I have officially turned myself into a bird lady. 

Early in December I went to my local nursery to get a poinsettia and they had the cutest bird feeder. It looked like a festive Christmas bird house but it was made entirely of seed. It was really small and I have a cherry tree right by my kitchen window and I thought it would look cute and be fun to have one hanging there. I put it up and the birds immediately found it. It was so fun to watch them so I went back and got another, then another. Two months later and I am full blown into this bird business. I now have two large bird feeders hanging on my cherry tree and ALL the birds come visit me all day long. I have a Birds of Arkansas book that I keep by my kitchen window so I can easily identify the different species I have. I have so many different birds and I have loved it SO much. I now feel this sense of responsibility though to keep my birds fed. As soon as they finish off their food, I'm prepared for a refill. Ha!

I have spent a lot of time at Wild Birds Unlimited looking at the many different types of feeders and have made the decision that these are the best for me. The feeder simply hooks on the tree and I pop this cylinder of food right on it. I don't have to touch anything or mess with anything--easy peasy. They last about a week before it's time to give them another one! 

It has been so peaceful and fun watching my birds. I sit at my window all throughout the day and enjoy it so much. I can't wait to see what kinds of birds I have in the spring and summer. I highly encourage you to take up this bird feeding hobby. It has been more fun than I ever imagined it would!

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