Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Campbell Lost A Tooth!

Big day today!! Campbell lost his very first tooth! He has been looking forward to this day for a long, long time. Ha!

His tooth has obviously been loose for a while. Every few nights he's asked us to pull it but it just wasn't quite loose enough to come out. Today he got home from school and showed me his tooth and it was barely hanging on!! So we went to his bathroom right away and he pulled it out himself. He pulled it, looked down at it and made the quietest, sweetest little gasp. 

I stood by with my camera to capture it then cried like a crazy momma when it was over. Why is my boy getting so big on me?! He has another right next to it that isn't far behind. The tooth fairy might be stopping by our house twice this week!

Campbell is so excited and proud. It does seem like everyone else his age has already lost a tooth. Campbell's teeth came in really late so I'm not surprised that they have taken so long to come out. And I've kept telling Campbell how good it is that he's kept his baby teeth for so long!! Now his sweet little smile is on it's way to looking so different. My sweet boy is growing up!

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