Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday Vibes

Happy Friday!! This was a nice, productive week for me. I'm looking forward to having nothing on the agenda for this weekend and just relaxing and having fun! I need a new show to get into if anyone has any recs for me. Around April of last year Scott and I started watching Downton Abbey for the first time. We both enjoyed it SOOOOO much and life has just not been the same since we finished the series. It is one of my absolute favorite shows I have ever watched and I miss it. I love having a good show to look forward to in the evening but those seem to be few and far between. I can get bored fairly quickly. 
This kiddo's current show of choice is anything Toy Story. Wells is SO INTO Toy Story!! He will hand me the remote and say "Buzz! Buzz!" then stick his thumb in his mouth and chill back on his chair, waiting for me to turn a Buzz on. He doesn't care which one it is--he just wants to watch one. He is going to have so much fun at Disney World this summer. He is into all things Disney and knows so many of the characters--way more than Campbell and Bennett did when they went to Disney for the first time.
Yes we are going back to Disney. We are officially those people who go to Disney every year. Ha! We just love it so much and don't want to go anywhere else. I'm so excited to take my boys back to their favorite place and this time is going to be a little different for us because we are going to stay at a different resort than where we typically stay. We are in the process of planning the details around our vacation and even the planning process is so much fun! Each time we go we get better at knowing how we like to do Disney so the next vacation we take ends up going better and smoother and more to our liking. It's so much fun and my favorite place to be! 

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