Tuesday, February 9, 2021


I always enjoy this time of year. I know most people don't and are ready for spring at this point and I definitely feel that too. I just like how slow paced this time of year is for us. Coming off of a crazy busy fall season with photography, then the holidays....it's nice to have a few months with nothing to do. 
We are filling our time with a few activities these days. My big boys just finished their soccer season. They had fun, Bennett more so than Campbell, and are ready to move onto their next sport. Campbell loves baseball so he's ready to start that up again this spring. Bennett has decided he wants to be a ninja and do karate--he is currently on the wait list for that! 

I got all three of my boys signed up for swim lessons! Campbell and Bennett go after school one day a week and I take Wells one morning a week. Wells is obsessed with the pool and I have so much anxiety when I'm at my parents house so I decided to see about getting this kid some floating skills. We are in a mommy and me class with a few others and the other babies are so calm and chill and Wells is squealing, splashing and thrashing his body literally the entire time. It's exhausting! But he has a massive grin on his face while he's doing it so I can't help but smile. 

Campbell and Bennett are loving their swim lessons too. Campbell learned to swim the summer before kindergarten but I'm hoping these lessons will turn him into a stronger swimmer. Bennett cannot swim at all so I'm hoping he picks it up quickly. I'm glad we're doing this now, instead of waiting until summer. I'm hopeful that Bennett will be a little fish come summer and that Campbell will be stronger and more confident! 

Scott is really busy with work these days and I am using my free time to get things around my house organized. I'm also working with Jetson Cubbington as a hostess and helping mommas design clothes for their kiddos and it is the most fun thing ever. I love it so much!! Definitely enjoying that slower pace of life these days. I'll take it while I can!


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