Friday, January 29, 2016

23 Weeks

Size of Baby: 1.1 pounds and 11.5 inches long, about the size of a large mango. Apparently this sweet boy is going to double his weight in the next 4 weeks! That's crazy and exciting!!

How I'm Feeling: I feel good although I randomly got sick this week and I fear it's about to start happening more often. I blame my stomach getting squished and heartburn/reflux officially taking over.
Cravings/Appetite: I still drink my cappuccino for breakfast every morning. I'm always hungry for lunch but I would just really rather not eat dinner. I'm never hungry and it makes my heartburn so much worse. I think I may start boycotting dinner. It's hard when you have other mouths to feed though. This is my current daily struggle.

Clothes: Still no changes in this department. Everything fits but my belly is definitely filling out my clothes more and more. I used to feel like I could wear certain pieces and not look pregnant but I don't feel that way anymore!
Movement: This little boy is so different than Campbell. Just when I'm thinking to myself that I haven't felt him move in a while, he'll give me a few kicks to say hello. I feel like he doesn't move very much. I'm not concerned because I feel him moving all throughout the day but I'm planning on mentioning to my doctor that he moves a lot less than my other baby did. Last night we were laying in bed and he was moving so I had Scott put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel it. For the first time Scott felt the tiniest little movement from baby Bennett! Scott kept his hand on my belly to try and feel more and I told him there was no point and that was all he was going to get. Just one quick hello. And I was right!! He was done moving after that. Little stinker.

Changes in Me: I feel like my belly has had a major growth spurt. I hadn't told the girls groomer that I'm pregnant and they had an appointment with her this week. When I walked in the door she looked at me and said "are you pregnant?!" It's always crazy when that happens for the first time. It's clearly obvious now.
Baby Purchases: I bought some storage bins for Bennett's closet from Restoration Hardware. I'm using the same ones that Campbell has in case we ever need to combine them one day. Plus they're my favorites of any I've seen. I also got some shelves/cubbies that I need Scott to build so we can have shelves in Bennett's closet. Campbell has the best closet of all the guest bedrooms upstairs which is one of the main reasons we chose his room to be our first nursery. Bennett has a nice walk-in closet too but he doesn't have any built-in's like Campbell does. I considered having someone come out to renovate but decided that some white shelves from Target would work just fine. Scott's project is to build the shelves for me this week so I can get to organizing!!

Favorite Moment This Week: I'm in nesting mode. There's so many things I want to do before Bennett's arrival. A lot of them I feel like I still need to wait a few more months to do (like make some freezer meals) but I'm anxious to get started on a lot of it now. Mom and I are going to spend the day organizing my pantry. I need to make some room for another grass drying rack (I keep them in my pantry) and decided I'd just reorganize my pantry while I'm at it. Nesting feels so good and I'm excited to get something accomplished today!
Looking Forward To: My doctor appointment next week! There won't be much to it but I still enjoy them.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day Out

Campbell went back to MDO today and he was so happy to be there! He didn't take a nap which is so unlike him. I think he was too excited to be able to settle down. I snapped this picture of him right before we walked out the door. He had to finish his breakfast in the car because sometimes he gets so busy playing in the morning and it takes him forever to finish his food. He looked so cute to me today. I planned on getting the camera out to snap some photos of him later this afternoon but that doesn't always work out and before I knew it, the sun was down. This picture will have to do!
I spent my free day running around town with my Mom. We went to Target, had lunch, then popped by a local toy store to look for some birthday presents for Campbell. His 2nd birthday is in less than two months which is just so crazy to me!! I need to start doing a little birthday party planning. His birthday is on a Saturday this year and I'm planning on having his party that day. I think it will be so fun to celebrate him on his actual birthday!
Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We Feel Better, So Much Better Now

Well we've survived Campbell's RSV and thankfully he is feeling so much better!! He woke up on Sunday acting like his normal self but I wasn't confident that he was over it yet. However, he was great yesterday as well so I think it's safe to say we're officially over it. It didn't last as long as I feared it would. Our pediatrician predicted Campbell would be back to normal on Monday and he's always right but everyone says RSV lasts 2 weeks so I was nervous. We're still taking it easy and I haven't taken Campbell out anywhere. I feel like we need to chill for a few days. With the exception of putting him to work around the house of course.
With everything that was going on, I was never able to post on Sunday like I wanted to but Scott and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday. It was without a doubt the most uneventful anniversary we've had to date but oh well. We plan on having a lot more of them so I guess it's okay. We did manage to go out to dinner on Saturday night after we put Campbell to bed. The meal was delicious and the waiter made me a feauxtini which was super yummy!
We had dinner then quickly got back home in case our little guy needed us. Thankfully Campbell is an awesome sleeper and when he's sick, he sleeps even more than he normally does. He's been clocking in about 14 hours of sleep every night and a solid 2.5 hour nap for almost a week now. I hope our next baby is the same way!! I know a lot of Momma's don't get much sleep when their babies are sick but Campbell just prefers to sleep his sickness away. We're so much alike in this way. :)
I don't know about you all but this sickness has officially made me ready for warm, spring weather. I'm going to cross our fingers that we don't have to deal with anything else for the rest of the winter.

Friday, January 22, 2016

22 Weeks

Size of Baby: 11 inches long and almost 1 pound, about the size of a spaghetti squash!

How I'm Feeling: Not bad! As long as I remember to take my Prevacid I'm pretty good.

Cravings/Appetite: Now that my headaches seem to be gone I haven't been drinking as much caffeine as I was. I've noticed it's helped me to sleep better.

Clothes: I grunt every time I get dressed. It's a struggle these days! I dread having to put on anything other than sweatpants. Getting shoes on and off is exhausting. I'm so ready for spring so I can throw a dress over my head and slip my feet into some flip flops.
Movement: My little buddy definitely moves around in there but it's still nothing like his brother. Scott was able to feel Campbell moving at this point and I haven't even had him attempt to feel Bennett yet. Plus he's so unpredictable. Since Campbell never stopped moving it was easy to feel him. I never know when Bennett is going to give me a little kick or punch to say hello.

Changes in Me: Life is just getting harder to maneuver around with this growing belly attached to me. I feel like I'm getting a little shorter of breath--already! I can tell he's moving up higher because I've been able to feel some little arms and legs closer to my ribs this week.

Baby Purchases: Nothing this week. Can you believe it? One of these days we're going to start working on this sweet boys nursery.

Favorite Moment This Week: My Mom got me....well, Bennett....the cutest playmat from The Land of Nod. It's so fun and colorful and will be perfect for tummy time!!

Looking Forward To: Date night! Scott and I are going out tomorrow and I desperately need it. We never get time together, just the two of us, so when we do it feels really nice.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


We've had a rough few days around here. Today my poor little boy was diagnosed with RSV. He seemed to be just fine until late Tuesday night but I didn't really think much of it. He started coughing--again--for the 3rd time in about 3 months and I thought to myself "great, here we go again." I knew that the only way to get rid of this cough was with some antibiotics so I called first thing Wednesday morning to try to get him in with the doctor but they didn't have any availability. I just hung up and thought I'd just see how our day went and call again in the morning if it didn't get any better. When Campbell woke up from his afternoon nap he looked terrible. I immediately swept him up and took him to a walk-in clinic.
While we were waiting for the doctor I noticed how quickly his stomach was contracting. I was so thankful that Scott was able to meet me there. The doctor walked in and his eyes went straight to Campbell's little tummy. He asked us to take his shirt off so he could watch it. They tested him for the flu and pneumonia and they both came back negative. However, they weren't able to test for RSV there. The doctor kept leaving the room and coming back in and I could always hear him through the walls tell a nurse "this kiddo is really, really sick" which stressed me out especially since he kept saying it over and over!!! After checking his oxygen levels (normal) and temp (102.5) they sent us home with a prescription for a zpack and an inhaler and encouraged us to go see our regular ped the next day.
The rest of the evening my little man just wanted me to hold him. He went to bed at his usual time and Scott and I checked on him all night long. Around midnight we were both in his room while I was rocking Campbell. We debated back and forth if we should take him to the ER. We were just so unsure of what to do! His temp was back up to 102 and his little stomach was contracting 40 times every 45 seconds. The doctor told us 40 or more in a minute is too much. After a lot of back and forth we ultimately decided to let Campbell sleep and we set our alarms all night to take turns checking on him.
First thing this morning I called and was able to get in with our pediatrician. We took him in (my poor child is absolutely traumatized by doctors and nurses at this point) and he tested positive for RSV. There isn't really much we can do for it but wait it out. His stomach isn't contracting like it was although occasionally it will for just a little bit. He's super clingy and won't let me out of his sight and pretty much demands to be held all day long. He's been sleeping great and we've been able to keep his temp down so that's good.
As we were leaving the doctors office he picked out a sticker with a hamster on it (interesting choice) and we've been taking it easy since. It's definitely been a stressful few days that's for sure. But overall my little buddy is a pretty good trooper. He's hardly eaten and he looks so skinny to me but he's still found some energy to play with his toys. Mostly we've just been laying around watching Disney Jr.
I'm hoping that before the weekend is over, my little guy is feeling and acting like his old self again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Dust

We woke up this morning to a really pretty dusting of snow! It took me by surprise. I love snowy mornings. I made Campbell some pancakes (and by made I mean microwaved some frozen pancakes) and we stayed warm inside while enjoying the view of the white outside.
After our lazy morning I decided it would be a good idea for us to load up and have lunch and playtime at Chick Fil A. All of the other moms thought that would be a good idea too. Campbell ate 3 nuggets (a record!) and had the most fun he's ever had playing at CFA. He actually decided to climb up the jungle gym but he, of course, stayed far away from the tunnels and tunnel slide. I think he may be claustrophobic. He refuses any sort of tunnel. He made me laugh so hard because he kept climbing up the stairs/jungle gym but he didn't want to finish it out by going through the tunnel and down the slide so he would let out a little scream then yell "I stuck!" Everyone was laughing so hard at him. I kept telling him to stop going up the stairs if he kept getting "stuck" but he never would listen so me and more than once I actually had to climb up and into the play place myself because Campbell was extra "stuck." #momlife
Now we're home, Campbell is napping, and I'm about to be productive around this house. Until tomorrow!

Friday, January 15, 2016

21 Weeks

Entering my six month of pregnancy! Crazy!! For those of you that have been around for a while, you know that I did my weekly updates when I was pregnant with Campbell as well. I look back on those updates a lot to see what was going on with me during my first pregnancy. I was reading my 21 week update with Campbell (you can read it HERE if you want) and it is so wild how similar everything from my 21 week update was with him compared to this 21 week update. Either these babies are identical or my pregnancies are freakishly similar.
Size of Baby: Three quarters of a pound and 10.5 inches long, the length of a carrot

How I'm Feeling: I've felt really great this week! No headaches, no contractions, lots of energy!!

Cravings/Appetite: I sent Scott out on a search this week for these things called Jelly Belly petite sour hearts. It's a Valentine candy and they are soooo yummy. They're hard to come by so unfortunately I didn't get to indulge in my craving but I plan on ordering some off Amazon (yes that's correct) because I just really need some of these things.

Clothes: My jeans are too tight now. I'm getting away with looping a rubberband around the button but I'll probably only be able to do that for another week or two.

Movement: At the beginning of the week I kept telling Scott that Bennett doesn't move even half as often as Campbell did. Even having never been pregnant before, I knew that Campbell moved an insane amount so I haven't really thought much of it. As of the last few days though, the movements are starting to pick up. I can feel him when I'm standing/walking now instead of just laying or sitting. It's still not anything like Campbell but maybe as he puts on more weight it will be. I'm interested to see how this plays out. Scott and I are both crossing our fingers that maybe the lack of crazy movements means this baby will be just a little more chill and content than Campbell was.

Changes in Me: I've gained 2 pounds now and my belly is starting to get a little higher.

Baby Purchases: Well you know I can't go a week without a new baby purchase!! I have a problem. It's just too fun. I found another matching outfit that I couldn't live without. It may be my favorite to date. The boys names will be monogrammed on them, of course.
I also got a new Aden + Anais Easy Swaddle this week. I love all things Aden + Anais and these swaddles were the best when Campbell was using them. I already have two from Campbell but I remember at the time thinking I could have used another one. Anything that helps your baby sleep is money well spent!

Favorite Moment This Week: I pulled Campbell's preemie, newborn, and 0-3 month clothes out of storage and sorted through what I wanted for Bennett. It was so fun going through the clothes. I remembered pretty much everything but there were a couple of outfits I had forgotten about. I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to use these clothes again. It takes the guilt out of some of the splurges and it's fun that Bennett already has a closet full of summer clothes!

Looking Forward To: Tonight!! One of our friends is having a birthday today so a bunch of us are getting together for dinner then we're all going bowling after. It's going to be a fun evening with my closest buddies.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Behind The Camera

My husband is the one behind the camera the majority of the time. He's got the photography skills and knowledge so I let him take the pictures. Occasionally I'll grab our camera to get some photos but usually I just leave it up to him. However, today was one of those days that I decided to grab the camera and take some pics!
It was a gorgeous day here in NWA today. After I picked Campbell up from MDO, we went straight to the park for a playdate with some neighbor friends. Scott came home from work early so all of us, including the girls, could go for a walk around the neighborhood. Ahhh!! I forgot how much I love and need those neighborhood walks. It's good for my soul. Not necessarily good for my back right now, but it's worth it. After our walk, I got the camera and followed my little buddy around. The result ended up being some of my new favorite photos of my little man. I may have to steal the camera for myself more often.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wordless Wednesday--Amazeum Fun

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Toss and Turn

When I was pregnant with Campbell, I got the best sleep of my life. I could take a three hour nap during the day if I wanted to and still be able to fall asleep the second my head hit the pillow at 9:30-10:00 that night. I slept like a rock all night and woke up the next day feeling so good. Ugh. If only I could say the same this time around. I am not getting good sleep at all this pregnancy. It's not because I'm uncomfortable and I hardly ever take naps so that's not the reason either. I think it's because I just have so many anxious thoughts running through my head and it makes it hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I've tossed and turned and hardly gotten any sleep the last two nights. I "wake up" every morning feeling exhausted and my first thought is always "oh my gosh, I'm about to feel this way all the time in a few months." I guess you could say I'm losing sleep over the fact that I'm about to lose a lot of sleep!!!
Does this weather make anyone else just want to stay in your pajamas all day, curl up on the sofa with a blanket and watch movies? It's too cold to go anywhere, especially with a little kiddo in tow. Winter used to be my favorite season but I think I'm turning into a summer girl. I'm already ready for the warm weather to arrive. Although I would appreciate a really good snow or two before it does.
Campbell is currently napping so I'm going to hop off and do what I always do when he naps, shop online :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Back to Normal

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. We did! It didn't consist of much. We were really hoping to get some snow on Saturday. It did snow for a minute but it didn't accumulate to much. Campbell got a sled for Christmas so we're really hoping we get a chance to use it this winter. We had some neighbor friends over to our house to watch the Razorback basketball game so that was fun. It seems like it's been a long time since I've seen everyone. After everyone left, Scott and I were really in the mood to get out of the house and do something. It's so freezing outside right now and everything was already closed so we were pretty limited on our options. We decided to just go to the mall and browse. While we were in Dillards, we unintentionally found entertainment by riding the escalators over and over and over and over and over. Campbell thought it was so. much. fun. So that was our Saturday night entertainment but I wouldn't change anything about it! #toddlerlife
I put my sweet peanut to bed then popped over to a girlfriends house to hang out for the rest of the night. We went to church the next day, had lunch and a nap, then watched The Golden Globes and called it a night. Not a whole lot to it but it was nice!
Campbell went back to MDO today for the first time in a month. I was honestly worried he would cry when I dropped him off. He never cries and is always so excited to be there but he's cried the last three Sundays when we've dropped him off at church. I think he's really enjoyed our lazy days at home together the last few weeks because he's seemed just a touch more attached to me than he typically is. When we pulled into the parking lot he had me carry him in which he never does. Then once we started walking down the hall to his classroom he started whining a little. When we got to his room, I told his teacher that I was worried he would cry. We stood there and talked to her for a minute and after a little convincing, he finally reached for her with a smile. I was so glad! He's always loved MDO and I didn't want that to change with the long break. I'm sure he's realizing how much he's missed his teachers, friends and all of the fun activities he gets to do while he's there. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a quiet day of absolutely nothing to do.

Friday, January 8, 2016

20 Weeks

Size of Baby: We got a great look at our little guy yesterday and he weighed 12 ounces. He measured at 20 weeks and 1 day. It's looking like he's right on track!
How I'm Feeling: I've only had one headache (woo hoo!) but I did start having Braxton Hicks contractions this week. If I stay off my feet then it's okay but even just a walk through Target stirs them up. I also get pressure really low to go along with it. I just can't even believe that's happening already!!!! I talked to my doctor about it yesterday and she said it's just because my ligaments are stretched out now so it's normal for this to happen. I don't like to place blame but I feel as if this is Campbell's fault. :) Overall, I feel pretty good!!

Cravings: No cravings. I never, ever want to eat dinner though. Sometimes I do because everyone else is and sometimes I just skip it. I was the same way with my first pregnancy. My stomach is getting squished and there isn't a lot of room for food.

Clothes: No changes in this department.

Movement: Lots of movement! I mostly feel him when I'm laying in bed at night. When we were doing our ultrasound yesterday, I saw him move on the screen at the same time that I felt a big kick in my tummy. I thought that was pretty cool!

Changes in Me: I'm having to major slow down which is scary considering I'm only halfway there. I started taking Prevacid for reflux/heart burn this week. Ugh! I hope I don't have it as bad as I did with Campbell but I'm not holding my breath. I'm back up to my pre-pregnancy weight now + a tiny bit extra :)

Baby Purchases: A lot of purchases this week!! I'm trying to not go overboard with the matching clothing but some things are so darn cute I just can't help myself. A few pair of Kickee Pants arrived in the mail this week that I'm super excited about. They're going to look so snuggly in their matching pj's!
Yesterday I decided I just couldn't live without these adorable smocked outfits and I absolutely had to have them. These boys are going to be sweet and southern in all of their smocked Jon Jon's and bubbles all summer long and I could just explode from the cuteness. You all know how much I adore little boy clothes!!

Favorite Moment This Week: Our anatomy scan yesterday was great! We got to stare at our little boy for about 45 minutes. I was disappointed because I feel like we didn't get a great look at his face so I wasn't able to really study what/who he looks like. He was showing out and doing some very impressive yoga poses for us. The ultrasound tech and my doctor said he looked perfect. To hear that we have another healthy baby is an amazing blessing. His heart rate was 132.

Looking Forward To: Doing more to get ready for Bennett's arrival!! I started stocking up on some essentials like Little Remedies gas drops and gripe water this week. I also decided to get some Medela freezer bags too. I went through those items like crazy with Campbell so I'm going to get one of each every month so I'll have plenty of them by the time Bennett arrives. I told Scott that I would love to be completely ready with absolutely nothing to do by the first of May. I want to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and our last few weeks as a family of three without any stress. It would be so nice to get it all completely done, even little things like making sure we have gas drops. I'm going to spend the next few months trying to make that happen!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Boy Oh Boy

It's official! We had our anatomy scan today and confirmed that we'll be adding another little boy to our family!!
I've had such strong feelings my entire pregnancy that it was a boy. This pregnancy has been so similar to Campbells, especially my first trimester. I know that doesn't necessarily even mean anything but I felt like it did for me. Early in my pregnancy, I went in for an ultrasound at 10 weeks, 5 days to check on the baby. I was especially looking forward to it because I had gone in for an ultrasound with Campbell at 10 weeks, 5 days as well and I was anxious to compare the two babies. This baby's heart rate came in at 160 and he measured at 11 weeks, 1 day. When I did that same ultrasound with Campbell, his heart rate was 161 and he measured at 11 weeks, 1 day!!! Isn't that crazy? We started calling this baby Campbell Jr. after that. I also had a dream my first trimester that I was in my playroom hugging a little boy who was about 1.5 and had a full head of super blonde hair. When I was hugging him, I had this deep unbelievable feeling of love, just like the love I have for Campbell. I woke up from my dream and told Scott we were having a boy. I'll remember that dream for as long as I live. It felt so real.
Of course I wanted to have a girl and it's possible that I've cried a few hundred times that my prayers weren't answered. We think that maybe this was just our sign that we are possibly meant to be a family of five (or seven if you count the girls!!) instead of four. I've always, always wanted three kids but I was so miserable my first trimester and told Scott that if it was a girl, I was pretty sure I was done. I don't know if I'll ever get that girl that I've been praying for all my life or not. I sure do hope so. But for now, I'm going to embrace my boy mom title and love and spoil my boys as much as humanly possible.
We've been going back and forth but I ordered something with a name monogrammed on it this week so I guess that made it official. We're going to call this little man Bennett (middle name still unknown) Johnson.
I am so excited for Campbell to have a brother!!! I know they are going to be best friends for the rest of their lives and that makes my heart so happy. Campbell is going to be such a wonderful big brother and I know Bennett is going to look up to him so much. I have already had way too much fun buying coordinating and matching outfits for them. Yep, I'm totally going to be "that" mom. I am so curious to know if they will look alike or not. I kind of hope they do!! We are so grateful that we have another healthy little baby boy and we can't wait to meet him!