Thursday, July 31, 2008

Image One Commercial

Today I filmed a commercial for my dad's growing business, Image One. The commercial will be aired all over Arkansas on Channel 7 News. Except for Northwest Arkansas because they have the less than par 40/29 news and don't get the good stuff! I filmed 2 different commercials and they should start airing some time next week. Filming commercials is fun. It's not new to me because I filmed a handful when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. I was a little hesitant to film for my dad because when I was MTA we had to do like a zillion takes to ever get it right!! It's definitely a good thing that I decided not to become a broadcast journalist because I feel like I just don't look right on camera. However, I did the best impersonation of Gulianna Ransic that I could and hopefully Arkansas will respond well to it. Take a look at one of the commercials!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I guess I'm getting a new car....

So my car caught on fire today for no particular reason. Scott and I sometimes switch cars and he had mine today and on his way home from work it decided to explode. Scott was not injured and exited the car just in time. If anyone is keeping track, this is the 4th time Scott and I have had to call 911 since living in Memphis. My car is so bad, it won't even make it to car fax. It's going straight to the dump. I am anxiously waiting for the call from State Farm to tell me how big my check is and then I'll be awaiting my call from Nissan when they tell me they're giving me a brand new car for free. If I get any news other than that I will be highly disappointed as my husband almost died today, my car exploded, and all of the stuff I kept in it is now ashes on the ground because some dude from Nissan doesn't know how to build a car properly.

Precious Landon

Landon tured 3 on April 30. It's amazing that he's already 3 because I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Landon's new thing is that he "roars" people. There's this one little guy in Landon's class named Jayden and he's a bully to Landon. My dad asked Landon what he does when he's mean to him. Landon said he roars him. My dad said, "you roar him? What does that mean?" And Landon said, "I go, ROOOOAAAARRRR!!! when he's mean to me. I roar him." HAHA! It makes all of us laugh.
Landon likes the Bee Movie right now (it's my fav of all of them ps) and Sheryl Crow sings that song 'Here comes the Sun' in it. Landon sings it all the time and I decided to youtube it for him and found a Bee Movie slideshow to go along with the song. He curled up in my lap with his blue and yellow blanket that he's had since day 1 and put his head on my shoulder and watched it with me. It was one of those moments that I wish I had a video tape recording it. His all time favorite is still Cars but the Bee movie is good and "not scary." He's afraid of monsters right now....
It's funny how kids aren't interested in food at all. Landon doesn't eat like he should so when we're eating, I tell him to let me feel of his tummy to make sure it's full. I always tell him I can feel some empty spots that need more food and he totally falls for it. He crams food into his mouth and lets me feel his tummy again to see if it's full this time. My dad used to do that to me when I was little. I'm just passing it on.....
I have so many more Landon stories. I'll slowly add them as to not bore you.

My first one

So I saw Jake today and we talked for a tiny bit about his blog and it inspired me to make one myself. I, like Jake, have no job and maybe that's why we both have so much time to create a blog. I've already stalked everyone's profile on facebook and checked out every picture on so this is all that's left for me!! I'm sure mine won't be as interesting as his because I don't paint and I don't have interesting stories but...oh well!!
I guess the only interesting thing going on in my life is my wedding planning. It's fun but stressful!! Scott has tried to help me out by creating an Excel spreadsheet for my wedding budget and guest list. If any of you know Scott this will come as no suprise. He's very organized and definitely has it together. I'm marrying a financial analyst. Good when it comes to spending money wisely. Not so good when you're not in the mood to spend wisely. Scott is never in the mood to not spend wisely. His only downfall...
My precious Landon is coming to see me soon! I'm very excited. Kyle called me today and told me he's finally figured Candyland out. I bought it for him for Christmas and he totally created his own way of playing it and it confused me so much I couldn't play with him. He's got it now. He's DEFINITELY been good practice for me for when I become a mom. I think of Landon as my own. I have so many stories about Landon...I'll have to create a new blog for him. It will be long but definitely worth reading.
Okay I guess that's all I have for now....