Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! This year we spent Thanksgiving in Little Rock with my family. All day long yesterday Mom, Grammy and I got everything prepped so we could actually enjoy our day instead of spend the day slaving in the kitchen. It's kind of like a 'go big or go home' mentality here and I wouldn't have it any other way! My Mom completely outdoes herself and always pulls off the best holiday festivities. Because of her, holidays feel special, taste amazing, look beautiful and create memories that last forever.
I started my Thanksgiving day off by running in the Chenal Turkey Trot with my parents (check out my pic on Instagram @kara2lou). My cousins, aunt, and uncle were also there and it was fun kicking off the day going for a (chilly) run with everyone. I came back home to shower and get ready for the day then I decided it would be the best Thanksgiving treat ever if I could lay down and take a nap--while the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was playing in the background. So I did. And it was pure goodness.
Once I woke up from my Thanksgiving coma (before I even had a bite of yummy Thanksgiving food) I came down to help finish up some cooking and enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Mom bought this adorable bib that says "My First Thanksgiving" (you can't see that part in the pics unfortunately) that she plans on using for all of her grand kids. And Campbell is completely obsessed with the traditional Thanksgiving meal not that anyone is surprised. He had sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, noodles, and dressing. And screamed and wanted more when it was over.....of course.
After we finished dinner we took some family pics, went to my aunt and uncles house for a quick visit (they live about 2 minutes from my parents), put Campbell to bed then watched a movie. It was a really great first Thanksgiving with our little peanut. I wouldn't have wanted this day to go any other way.
I'm so incredibly thankful for my family and so thankful that I got to spend this day with all of them. I'm so blessed. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Campbell Eight Months

Weight: We weighed Campbell two weeks ago and he was 14.5 pounds--1%. So I would guess he's 15 pounds now. He's getting very heavy to carry around!

Height: 26.5 inches--7%. We don't call him peanut for no reason! :)
Sleep: Campbell's sleep schedule still averages about 7:30-7:00. Sometimes he wakes up a little before 7:00 but he happily hangs out in his crib until I go get him at 7:00. Sometimes he sleeps until 7:30 and I love when he does that! He takes two naps a day. They usually last about an hour and a half.

Eat: Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus nursing 4 times a day. Campbell loves any and all food. There seriously isn't one food item that he doesn't love. He is SO impatient when I'm prepping his food. He bangs on his tray and screams. I've started saying "No!" to him when he does that and I think he understands what it means because he always looks at me and stops. Sometimes he cries after he eats all of his food because he's sad it's gone and sometimes he's so full from his meal he looks like he's in a food coma. I'm not sure if he has a favorite food but Campbell does really love his puffs. They're usually his appetizer (while I'm prepping his meal) and dessert.
Clothes: Still in 3-6 month clothes. He can wear some 6-9 month clothes and there's a couple of 6-12 month pieces that he can wear but 95% of his wardrobe is 3-6 months.

Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers Size 2
Likes: Campbell really enjoys playing with his toys. We got him a piano that he loves banging on. His favorite toy is still the stacking rings. He gets a great deal of amusement out of pulling his socks off then sticking his toes in his mouth. Baths and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are still favorites. Madison and Ivy are his best friends.

Dislikes: Waiting on food. Being left in the church nursery. Shopping for too long.
Milestones: Campbell learned how to clap this month! Cutest thing ever, obviously. He can also stand up on his own while holding onto something. It's gotten hard to put diapers on him because he won't lay still anymore. He's always rolling around and grabbing for everything.

Month Eight: This has been the most wonderful month!!!!!! My hard baby decided to turn into an easy baby and it has been amazing. Campbell is chill and just goes with the flow. I've started to chill out myself and I think it's possibly one of the reasons this month has been easier. I'm so much more relaxed about everything. I wish I had learned to relax a lot sooner.
Naps used to be my greatest struggle with Campbell and they are so easy now. I literally lay him down awake and he falls asleep almost instantly. It's been like this for about almost a month now and it still just blows my mind considering how hard I used to have to work to get him to take a nap.
All About Campbell: I'm so in love with my little boy. He is just so sweet and funny and fun! Campbell taps/bangs on everything with his left hand. He is most definitely, without a doubt, a lefty. He also taps his left leg while we're holding him. It's like his nervous tick or something. People tell me all the time how sweet Campbell is. Although whenever he's not happy about something, you better watch out! He isn't afraid to let you know when he isn't thrilled with a certain situation. Most of the time though, he is a happy little guy. He smiles, laughs and enjoys life. And our life is so much better with our little Campbell in it.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Campbell's Clothes

I've recently had people ask me where I shop for Campbell because they love his style. First of all, thank you for noticing and for complimenting it! I'm 100% obsessed with picking out and styling Campbell's clothes so it's nice to hear someone say they like it. The majority of Campbell's clothes come from Baby Gap but I also love Zara Kids. Occasionally I find pieces at local boutiques but for the most part, he's a walking Gap ad. My favorite thing to put Campbell in is one pieces. They're really comfortable and I figure I can only get away with the one pieces for a short amount of time so I'm soaking it up while I can! I rarely put Campbell in onsies or jeans. We own a few but I tend to steer more towards t-shirts/sweaters and leggings. We have a few button downs and both are different shades of chambray. I love his chambray shirts. They go with just about anything and look super cute layered. Speaking of layers, yay for being able to layer now! Hoodies, cardigans, puffer vests and jackets make his outfits just that much cuter if you ask me. Of course, we always top our outfits off with beanies!! You should see Campbell's beanie collection. I did not realize how obsessed I would become with them but I have to have almost every one I see. It just pulls everything together and allows for different colors or textures to complete the look. Girls get headbands--boys get beanies.
So those are our essentials! I'm not sure if there's anything more fun than dressing a baby---especially in the cooler months!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bundled Up

Dressing my baby boy in winter clothes is my new favorite hobby. I've always thought boy clothes are cutest in the fall/winter. All around though, clothes for babies--boy or girl--are just plain cute. Tomorrow I'm going to do a post on my essentials for Campbell's wardrobe so be sure to come back and check that out!
Speaking of clothes, I spent my afternoon at the mall doing a little shopping with Campbell. It was a really pretty day today and since our mall is outdoors, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather. I used to go to the mall 2 or 3 times a week before it got so cold around here. I just have to get out of the house at least once a day and the mall is easy because it's outside and Campbell loves strolling outside. The colder weather kind of puts a cramp in our strolling outdoors activities which is a bit of a bummer. Now we just go to Target and TJ Maxx. I've always wondered if other stay at home moms get out and visit the same places multiple times a week or if I'm in the minority on that one.
These two. I didn't think I could love them more until I've seen how sweet they are with Campbell. Scott and I wonder if they'll sleep in Campbell's bed one day. I definitely wouldn't be surprised and it will melt my heart if they do! They're just the sweetest and they're loving this winter weather because winter weather = fireplace. Ivy and Madison love snuggling in their little bed in front of the fire. And then Scott and I get tickled because after about an hour they'll slink out of it, walk a few steps and plop on the floor. They clearly get warm and toasty laying in front of it!
Campbell loves his fingers. A habit I'm in no hurry to break if I'm perfectly honest.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 17, 2014


Happy Monday folks! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was great actually!! On Saturday night I got together with some of my girlfriends for a birthday celebration. My friend and neighbor, Lexie, turned 25 and a bunch of us Hyde Park girls got together for food, fun and football. We decided to do a Mexican theme for the 5 of us so we catered On The Border and it was soooo yummy. We also had a delicious cake from Ricks and cheered on the Razorbacks (in our sweatpants) from the warmth and comfort of home. I'm so excited we beat LSU. If you could only beat one team a year, they're the ones I want to beat. I had a feeling we were going to pull out a win but I didn't dare say it for fear I would jinx us.
On Sunday we went to church, as usual, and when I went to pick up Campbell from the nursery he was usual. What am I going to do about this y'all? They always say he doesn't start crying until the last 15 minutes or so but he is always so upset when I get there. Yesterday he had huge tears in his eyes (Campbell never cries tears) and he couldn't catch his breath. Not to mention the extremely loud screaming that you could hear the second you entered the nursery wing--which I recognized to be my child instantly. I feel so terrible for him but I don't know what to do. The head of the children's department said he would get used to it. But how is he supposed to do that when we only go once a week? He's too little to understand. Campbell is great with other people if Scott and I are there with him. And he's great if my Mom is watching him. Anyone else is a no-go. If anyone has advice for me I would gladly take it! I want to be able to go to church but I can't handle Campbell getting so upset even if it only happens the last few minutes.
In other Campbell news, last week he started standing while holding onto something. What?!? He can't pull himself up but if I stand him up by something he'll just hang out for a long time. It's so crazy to me to see my baby standing up!!
These three are so funny. They are buds. Ivy and Madison are soooooo sweeeeeet to Campbell. It seriously melts my heart. Campbell's greatest entertainment comes out of watching Ivy and Madison play. I love it so much.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mommy Series | Real Life Style

I spend a lot of time at home with Campbell. We typically get out once a day for a little bit because I'd go stir-crazy sitting at home all day long. While I'm home, I'm nice and cozy in my comfy lounge wear. I never really had cute lounge wear before. I didn't really have much of a need for it. I threw on my favorite Razorback sweatpants and go to American Apparel t-shirt and I was set. I quickly decided after Campbell was born that I needed to buy some "stay at home clothes" and I wanted to feel cute, instead of sloppy, even if I wasn't going anywhere. One thing I always make time for is getting dressed and I have from the beginning. It just makes me feel so much better. Campbell's morning nap is my time to shower, put on some make up and fix my hair. Even if I have nowhere to go.

This is what you'll most likely catch me in, in my every day life. Comfort at its finest. Can't beat that!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mommy Series | Survival List

There's no denying that babies require a lot of stuff. Sure, I guess we could technically make do without it. I mean....they managed back in the bible days with a little hay and some blankets. However, we've come a long way since then (thank goodness) and there are so many wonderful baby items out there that help make our lives easier. These key items saved my life. I don't know how I could have survived without them!!

1.) Rock N Play. Best baby item that exists in my opinion.
2.) This Eddie Bauer diaper organizer. It was so super handy those first 6 weeks.
3.) Bouncer. We used it alllll the time.
4.) Gripe Water, Gas Drops and Gerber Soothe. Gripe water instantly cures hiccups--it's actually quite amazing. I'm not sure if gas drops really do much but Campbell still loves them. They must taste good. Gerber Soothe. A probiotic that supposedly helps colic. I actually think that it really did help with Campbell's colic. It's the size of your pinkie fingernail and costs $30 but when you have a baby with colic, you'll try anything. Walgreens is the only place I've known to carry it.
5.) This Woombie swaddle is essential the first 2 months or so. It's easily zips up, keeps them nice and tight, and you can see their little stomach moving when they breath which is wonderful when you're a paranoid Momma like myself and wake up 7 times in the middle of the night to make sure they're okay. Once they get a little older, I recommend the Aden +Anais Easy Swaddles.
6.) Babywise. By 13 weeks Campbell was sleeping 10:00-7:00. A few short weeks later he was going 7:30-7:00. Life. Changing.
7.) Activity Mat. Campbell loved playing on it.
8.) White noise maker. The doorbell, Ivy and Madison barking, the alarm....they never wake Campbell up.
9.) Stacking rings. Campbell's favorite toy!
10.) Once they graduate from being swaddled, I recommend using the sleeping bags. Campbell will wear his sleep sack for a long time. I LOVE them and it makes me feel good to know he has a "blanket" over him. I prefer the Aden + Anais Cozy Sleeping Bags because they're thicker. He's almost outgrown his size small and it's time to move to a medium. I'm going to try the Cozy Plus for some extra warmth now that it's winter.
11.) Boon Flair high chair. It's so easy to clean which is nice since meal times are an absolute mess. Gives me anxiety just thinking about it.
12.) Now that Campbell takes baths like a big boy and sits in the tub, this little ducky has been wonderful. The first few times Campbell took his baths like a big boy I just sat him in the tub and it stressed me out soooooo bad. I quickly went to Target to pick this up and it's awesome. Campbell loves playing in it and it feels much, much safer than just plopping him in the tub.

So there are a few of my essentials. What were some of yours? Anything that you literally couldn't have gotten by without? I'd love to hear! Especially if it's something Campbell may need in the upcoming months.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mommy Series | {For My Babies With Four Legs}

A lot of people think I became a first time Mom 7.5 months ago. While that's sort of true, I actually became a Mom a little over 2.5 years ago to my precious girls! Ivy and Madison are my babies too and I love all three of my kiddos with the same heart and tenacity. My girls require a few must have's in their sweet little life. Below is a list of items that are always in our home. Ivy, Madison and myself couldn't get by without these key things.

1.) I've always fed the girls Hill's Ideal Balance. Dr. Bob (Holly's doctor in Little Rock) said it's what I should feed them and his word is good as gold to me. This is what they always have and always will eat.
2.) We do puppy pads here in the Johnson house. We used them with Holly (my beloved former dog for those of you who don't know) for 15.5 years. When we got Ivy and Madison, Scott and I heavily weighed the options of having them go outside or go on puppy pads. We both decided we like doing the puppy pads. While it can get old taking care of it, I'm glad we do it. Puppy pads allow us the freedom of being able to leave all day long if we need to (we never have) and not have to worry about letting the girls out to potty when the weather is bad, etc.
3.) Paul Mitchell's dog shampoo is my fav. I've tried all of the different scents and love them all.
4.) These Boots & Barkley beef bones (from Target) are always in our home. The girls are obsessed.
5.) This brush is the best. Gets knots out like non other. You can find it here.
6.) Dog sweaters are a must. Obviously. TJ Maxx/Homegoods always has the cutest ones.
7.) Trifexis. Loved my Interceptor before they discontinued it. Ugh. This is the next best thing IMO.
8.) Toys. Lots and lots of toys. The squeaker the better!
9.) Milkbone Maro snacks. The girls favorite!
Not listed but the most important item of all......a comfy bed!!! Preferably in front of the fireplace especially during the winter. Ivy and Madison LOVE their bed. I got this one at TJ Maxx. I tried to find one that would blend into our home as much as possible and this one fit the bill. And just so you know, that is Ivy's spot. Don't try to get in that corner. It belongs to her.
Finally, a dog carrier is always good to have around. We only use ours when we go to the vet or the groomer but the girls love getting in it and it's easy to tote around. I got mine at Walmart! They actually have really great options.
That's my list for my girls. What are your must have mommy items for your fur babies?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mommy Series | {What's In My Baby Bag}

I never imagined I would carry a diaper bag. I was never fond of any that I had ever seen and never understood why Mom's didn't just stick a few diapers and wipes in their purse instead. Ha. That makes me laugh now. I was so clueless. Babies require a lot more than diapers and wipes when you leave the house with them. Luckily, many designers make chic diaper bags now and once I discovered that, my hunt for the perfect baby bag was on! I spent a looooot of time on the internet searching (and even wrote a blog post about it here) and finally decided to carry the Tory Burch Logo Billy Bag. I really love this bag and I'm glad since it's not just a baby bag but my new purse as well. Whenever Campbell and I are on the go, I never leave home without it. Thankfully it's large enough to carry the many items Campbell requires when we're out and about. These things are always in tow.

1.) Hand sanitizer, diapers and wipes of course.
2.) Our favorite Wubbanub. Rarely does Campbell use a paci but occasionally he surprises me and I catch him going to town on it. Plus he likes to play with the elephant attached. 
3.) I always keep a blanket or two in my baby bag. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are my favorite! I typically grab this fun pattern for every day and this sweet pattern for church. 
4.) Burp cloths. At least two. We seem to always need them! I love 3 Martha's Applique Burp Pads. They're the best and all I use. 
5.) Now that Campbell is eating real food he requires special items for when we're eating out. Disposable place mats and bibs are awesome! What would I do without them? I also keep his spoons and puffs on hand. 
6.) We never leave the house without the mini iPad!! Campbell watches Mickey during the drive. 
7.) A Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic bag to keep smaller items (spoons, hand sanitizer, etc) organized. 
8.) Johnson and Johnson hand and face wipes. 
9.) Toys for Campbell to play with. Usually it's his Nuby teething ring and Sophie. 

Whew! Who knew you had to carry so much around----every single time you go somewhere? Good thing my baby bag can handle it!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mommy Series | {Mom Style}

This week I'm going to blog about all things Mom. From must have items to fashion and everything in between, I'm going to share what I love and need to survive in this crazy new life of mine!
I'm going to kick this weeks series off with mommy friendly fashion. You frequently hear women say things like "I can't wear that, I'm a Mom" and I never understood that statement---until I became a Mom. It's not necessarily that you can't wear something, it's just that it may be harder when you have a baby in tow. Two things that I've had to (sort of) give up for a little while are really high heels (too hard to wear when carrying a wiggly 14 pound baby around) and necklaces (Campbell enjoys eating them these days). I still wear my pretty pumps and necklaces but not as frequently as I used to. Flats, kitten heels, booties and scarves are now my go-tos. And comfort. But that was a requirement before baby!
Boots//Report seen here | Scarf//Francescas | Legwarmers//Altar'd State similar here

Come back tomorrow to see what baby items I never leave home without. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

tough & sweet

My little peanut has been soooo sweet to me this week. There's definitely no denying that Campbell has been a tough baby at times. When he's sweet, he's SWEET. When he's out. Campbell nearly took me to my limit last weekend but he's made up for it tenfold this week. Every day has been easy and I've thought to myself "wow, this is what most people with babies always get to experience. Must be nice." I definitely have compassion for all of the Mommas out there who have/had tough babies. It's hard. I'm hoping this week is the shining light at the end of the hard baby tunnel. Everyone always told me "when they turn 6 months old, life gets so much easier." And I'm just over here like........................
We have gotten so lucky with Campbell that he's a great sleeper. I cannot imagine still getting up with him in the middle of the night. I would lose my mind. After 10 weeks of no sleep, I couldn't take it anymore and had to find a solution to fix my sleep deprivation. Quickly. I've never been so determined to conquer something in my entire life. And Campbell so smoothly and easily took to 11+ hours of sleep like it was no biggie. I think the Lord knew how much I needed that. Like, no joke I neeeeeeed it. A lot of it. I mean, sleep is my favorite thing to do after all. I'm really good at it.
Campbell and I kicked off our weekend with lunch at On The Border then shopping around the mall. And we had so much fun! Then we came home to swing and I took this photo of him and I can't figure out why he looks so old in this picture!!! I love this little peanut. He can be so hard at times but he is also so sweet. And smiley. And happy. And he loves his mommy.
And his Mommy loves him. Soooooooooooo much.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's New | cold weather + lbs

Hey all! I feel like we haven't simply talked in a while. What's going on in our world? Hmm.....let's see....
It is COLD in Northwest Arkansas. We're all about sweaters, beanies, fireplaces, scarves, comfort food and enjoying the beautiful autumn trees while they last. The leaves are beginning to fall and it makes me sad. My only complaint about fall weather is that it doesn't last long enough! There's a road I drive down every day and it is lined with the most beautiful red maples that seem to go on for days. I look forward to those trees turning red every year because it's seriously so gorgeous.
All is good with our little peanut! We've been going to the doctor every few weeks to check his weight and when we went last Thursday, he had gained almost a whole pound in just 3 weeks! We're going back next Thursday to weigh him and if he's gained again I think we'll be done with all of this weight checking business. I was SO STRESSED about it all for a little while there. A few nurses tried to make me believe there was something wrong with my milk which was really upsetting to me. I made multiple visits to lactation consultants and they put me on Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle (18 pills a day!!!) and had me pumping 7 times a day in addition to the 5 times that I'm already nursing. It was quite miserable. Deep down inside I knew there was nothing wrong with anything. So after about a week I stopped all of that nonsense and went with what my gut was telling me. Campbell takes what he needs/wants. It's actually quite simple. No sense in trying to complicate it and add extra stress to my life that I really don't care to have. Now that Campbell is eating soft finger foods, it has to be helping him pack on the weight. Plus, his reflux is soooo much better than it used to be. I mean, if I spit up over half of my meal every time I ate I'd be skinny too. I think we're about to see a big growth spurt in our little peanut. Here's hoping anyway!
I've recently come up with a wonderful baby proofing method for Campbell. Dog bed. I throw a blanket over Ivy and Madison's bed and stick Campbell in it with some toys. Ha! I totally understand if you think that is extra strange but it's been quite nice actually. The girls, on the other hand, don't really appreciate it.
Speaking of the girls, they are very excited that it's sweater weather again. They love their sweaters!!! They look super cute in them too. Wouldn't you agree? :)