Thursday, July 30, 2015

Campbell at 16 Months

Campbell turned 16 months old on Sunday. After church we ate lunch close to Crystal Bridges and afterwards we decided to pop over there really quickly to take some picture of our peanut. I love how they turned out! They are some of my favorite photos to date. So at 16 months old, what is our little peanut up to?
Campbell absolutely loves stacking blocks. He stacks as tall as his arms can reach. He's been stacking blocks really tall since he was about 12 months old but he is super, super into it these days. After he stacks his blocks, he nests them into one another then starts the process all over again. It reminds me of the kids who are professional cup stackers. Maybe he'll be one of those one day! 
Campbell is still a great eater. He doesn't eat everything I give him like he used to, but for the most part he'll eat almost anything. I'm no longer having to chop up food really small for Campbell which is so awesome. I just hand him whatever and he has at it. He has 7 teeth now.
Campbell can understand basically everything I'm saying now. I ask him to do (or not do) things and he always does what I ask. He has his own little way of letting me know what he does and doesn't want. He will repeat a lot of words I say but then won't ever say them again. Yesterday he said "Madison" and I clapped and was so proud and tried to get him to say it again but he won't. Of course. He always likes to wave and say "hi" and "bye" to people. Except he says Bye with a D so he waves and says "Die" which makes me laugh. The other day I was getting dinner ready and he was STARVING and whiny so I said "Campbell are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" which is what I always say to him and he always responds by giving me a hug. So I said "okay go over there and get your chair and bring it to me" and he did.
Campbell has had a crazy huge growth spurt. Clothes that fit him perfectly 2 weeks ago are suddenly very snug. I also had to order him all new shoes because his got too small literally over night. I'm holding out on buying any new summer clothes and just wanting to make due with what we have until the summer is over. Some outfits have been put aside because there is no hope into ever fitting into them again. I've spent many evenings moving the buttons on his Jon Jon's down which helps us get some longer use out of them. I can't believe this growth spurt. He did this at just about the exact same time last year and I was in the same clothing predicament then too!

Just when I think I couldn't fall more in love with this little guy, I do. I absolutely cannot get enough of him. He is so delightful and sweet. I absolutely adore this stage and find myself wanting time to just stand still. Campbell brings me so much joy. What a pleasure it is to be his Mommy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Be Blessed

I don't feel like I can write a new blog post without addressing the tragic loss of Leslie from A Blonde Ambition. While I didn't know her personally, we were blogging acquaintances who followed one another on social media. I have read her blog for years and years. It has always been one of my favorites. My heart is absolutely broken for her and her family and to be perfectly honest, I've been crying all day long. I, like so many of you, had been keeping Leslie in my prayers over the last few months. Just yesterday I was driving around town and she popped into my mind and I wondered how she was doing. Little did I know that just hours before, she had gone to be with Jesus.
I will greatly miss reading about her life with her sweet husband and precious girls. I will miss her fashion tips. I often went out and bought items that she blogged about (she had great style!) and I learned how to tie a blanket scarf watching her tutorial. She inspired me as a blogger and her Instagram feeds was one of my favorites to follow. I think it was clear to everyone that she was just a good person and a sweet girl. A beautiful Momma who adored her babies and a wife who very much loved her husband.
I often times wanted to reach out to Leslie to see if she wanted to meet up sometime. We live in the same town, are both mommas to littles, bloggers, lovers of fashion and fans of the Razorbacks. I'm wishing so badly now that I had. We will be friends one day when we meet in Heaven. Until then, I'll be praying for her family, who are suffering from unimaginable pain, that the Lord will give them comfort and strength.
Be Blessed Leslie.

Friday, July 24, 2015


I adore this photo that I took this morning of my sweetie. It melts me on all sorts of levels.
We've had a fun Friday! We slept in until 7:45 (it's a sleep-in phase this week so you know how much I'm loving that) then had lunch at McAlisters with our friends Jaclyn and Emmy. After lunch we came home and both Campbell and myself took a nap. Tonight we went to a pizza place for dinner and it was so delicious! We never eat dinner out with Campbell since he typically eats at 5:00 then needs to be getting ready for bed so soon after. But it was fun to change it up! Although Campbell wasn't the biggest fan of pizza tonight. It's always a rare moment when he isn't very into food.
Campbell + his sisters. It's such a sweet bond. They play together all the time and I always have such a big grin on my face while I'm watching them. I prayed that they would all get along and love each other and they do!! Someone recently told me that one of the first words toddlers say is "doggie" and that it would probably be one of Campbells first words. On the inside I was thinking hmmm....we never, ever say the word "dog" in this house. We refer to them as "sisters" or "the girls" so "doggie" will actually probably be one of the last words Campbell learns. Ha!
Speaking of, once I get Campbell to bed and all of my other household chores finished, I curl up on the sofa with my favorite blanket and watch my shows.....with my company. This is what my evenings always look like.
Campbell and I like to take strolls down the sidewalk. While we were out strolling one day this week, Daddy came home from work. And it was very, very exciting.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Puppies and a Toddler

These pretty ladies got a little trim yesterday. As always, they smell delicious now. What do groomers do to make them smell so good for so long? It's heavenly. Gracie is staying with us for a little bit so life is complete for these three. They love being together and wish we all just lived in the same house. After we put Campbell to bed the other night, we sat on our back patio for hours and the girls just loved enjoying a perfect summer evening outdoors. I did too.
This morning I woke up before Campbell. It's rare and hardly ever happens but occasionally it does and I relish it. I love laying in bed, giving myself time to wake up and even turning on GMA and watching it in bed. Like ye olden days. This morning I woke up and immediately noticed something just wasn't right. I flipped over and this is what I saw.
Oh don't worry girls, just get as comfortable as possible. I'll hang off the edge of the bed and use the 6 inches of spare pillow space for my head.
This is my life. I wouldn't have it any other way though!! I love these girls so much.
I ordered Campbell a tee pee for his playroom and I'm happy to report that he loves it! We've had it a few weeks now and I was doubtful that he would play in it but figured it would be cute decoration if he didn't use it. He loves getting in it! He thinks it's fun to play "where's Campbell?!!" and he'll just go sit in there with books or toys. I'm still planning on doing a blog post about our playroom makeover since it's fully made-over now. I'll put that on my to-do list for next week. Stay tuned.
Campbell used to NEVER fall asleep in the car but now that he's transitioned to one nap, he'll take a 10 minute snooze any time we get in the car. It's always in the morning when we're headed somewhere and since I'm not used to him falling asleep in the car, I think it's really sweet. I kind of like that he takes a short cat nap because I feel like it lets me gain a solid 45 minutes of extra awake (and happy) time.
This week has flown by. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday!! We don't have any plans for the weekend but I'm sure it will be a good one. With these sweet boy, I don't know how it couldn't be. Campbell is growing more fun and delicious by the day. I'm officially obsessed with this age. I thought 12 months was my favorite but I think 15 (16 on Sunday!!) may be winning as my favorite month. Life with this toddler is way too fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday | Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blankets & Groceries

This is currently Campbell's favorite game to play. Look at that sneaky look on his face! He always fools his Momma and Daddy into thinking he disappeared!

Campbell is growing attached to his Aden + Anais circus dream blanket. I'm kind of attached to it myself! I cover up with it every morning while I drink my coffee and watch Good Morning America. They make dream blankets for adults and I've made it known--already--that I want one for Christmas!! They're just so comfortable. 
Yesterday I experienced a life changing event known as the Walmart Grocery Pickup. It has gotten so hard to shop with Campbell. What am I saying, it's always been hard! I usually have to pack a snack for him any time I go to the grocery store and I'm tired of doing that. I finally decided to give the Walmart Grocery a try. You just order your groceries online, select a time frame to pick them up, then go to the pickup area and an associate loads the groceries into your car. You literally never have to get out of your car. It's amazing!!! My life just got so much easier. I was unsure of how it would all work, specifically my fruits and vegetables because I'm really particular about those. But they gave me the most beautiful, perfect fresh fruits and vegetables.
I thought it was interesting too because three other cars were picking up groceries while I was there and all of the cars had a baby in the back. I thought to myself "Yep! It's just too hard to do this with a little one in tow. Glad it's not just me!" I asked the associate while he was loading my car if the majority of their customers are mothers with young kids and he said about 75% of them are. He said "it's just too challenging for you Mom's to do this. We're glad we can make it easier on you." I wanted to hug him. I pulled away feeling like I had won the lottery. This is a brilliant idea! Hopefully they will expand soon so everyone else can enjoy the Walmart Grocery Pickup. 
After our easy grocery run, Campbell and I came home and enjoyed the rest of our day inside....cuddling with our blanket. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cousin Time

We had a full and busy long weekend! Last Wednesday my Mom, Grammy and nephew came up to NWA to hang out. It was so fun having them all here!! We decided to make the most of our family time together and we did something fun every single day and night.
One evening we went to Fast Lanes and not only did Landon have a blast riding go carts and playing arcade games but Campbell had the time of his life!!! It's not really age appropriate for him but I think the fun games, flashing lights, and arcade noises just thrilled him to pieces. He was running everywhere, looking at everything, and squealing with delight the ENTIRE time.
We didn't play arcades for too long (talk about blowing away your money!!) but we did spend a fun amount of time racing go carts. Uncle Scott and I took turns racing Landon and Scott's nicer than me because he let Landon (barely) win. I almost lapped him and Landon couldn't believe I beat him so badly. Haha! I'm actually a pretty awesome go cart racer so there's something you didn't know about me.....
We also filled our weekend with swimming, bowling, putt putt golf, and a trip to the Farmers Market. It was busy, busy but we made a lot of memories and Landon had a blast!!
Campbell enjoyed his company so, so much. I think it was the most fun weekend of his life and I'm not even kidding. He had a smile on his face the entire time. I'm glad we were able to have a lot of fun and do some cool activities together. We definitely made the most of this summer weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back To It

Today I did something I haven't done in close to two years--Pilate's!! I used to love my Pilate's classes and would go at least 3 times a week. But once I got pregnant with Campbell I was surprised how quickly I couldn't quite keep up with my workouts. I got out of breath so quickly on the elliptical and when I was doing yoga/pilates, I really struggled to do a lot of the moves even though I hardly had much of a bump at all. I kind of just gave up and went for walks instead. Since our gym membership was never getting used, we canceled it. But recently I've been wanting to get back into it so we renewed this week.
It felt so great to do that again. I am not near as flexible as I used to be. It's actually quite shocking how tight I am. And some things I used to be able to do with ease are harder to do now but I was actually able to keep up pretty decently. I'm planning on attending the yoga/pilates classes a few times a week and I'm looking forward to it. It's nice to do something good for myself.
After I finished up at the gym I came home, ate lunch, then got ready to head to the pool. I had a babysitter come and watch Campbell for a few hours for me. Now that he's not in MDO anymore this may be my new little routine. I have learned how important it is for me to get just a few hours a week of alone time. It totally changes everything for me and I really need that time. I know you other Mom's out there can relate! Between the Pilate's and the pool with one of my favorite pool friends, I felt like Kara today--not Momma--and it was kind of refreshing!
Madison better watch out. Campbell is trying to move in as Ivy's new best friend :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sweet Summertime

I had a nice weekend! On Saturday we loaded up our whole crew and went to the Farmers Market. We ate lunch at this taco food truck and it was heavenly. It was our first time to eat there and I'm already looking forward to going back. The girls had a blast at the Farmers Market and Campbell did too. I came home with some gorgeous flowers and wanted to load up on peaches and tomatoes but I got so hot while I was picking out flowers and all I could think about was getting in my air conditioned car!! Maybe next time.
Later that evening Scott and I got away for a date night. Earlier last week we were adding up how many actual dates we've been on together since Campbell was born and we counted about 7. That's one date every other month since he's been born! We're self admitted home bodies and love just curling up on the sofa, having some wine, and watching a good movie but it's good for your soul (and marriage!!) to go on an actual date. We decided we've got to do better and strive for at least once a month. We had a nice dinner then went to the Bentonville square for some ice cream before heading home. Oh and Walmart. We always pop in Walmart and grocery shop on our date nights because it's just so much easier to do it that way. Romance is alive and well in the Johnson house!
On Sunday I co-hosted a baby shower for my bestie, Jaclyn, at my house. She is pregnant with baby #2--a boy!--and we needed to celebrate the little man. I can't wait to snuggle him!!
Campbell and Ivy are quite a pair. Ivy LOVES Campbell. I know she looks like she's not real sure what's going on in this photo but she was loving his attention. Campbell was petting her and talking to her this morning while she was curled up on her perch and I thought it was so sweet. Ivy thinks she has to look after her baby brother. She is so good to him. Madison is too but Madison is more interested in fetching toys than protecting Campbell.
I made the executive decision for Campbell and I to have a fun, classic summertime week this week. I'm normally so worried about making sure I get dressed and get out of the house to run errands and get things accomplished. This week we're taking it slow (and makeup free!) and enjoying this hot summer while we have it. I went to the pool today while Campbell napped (Scott was working from home) and I had the pool all to myself. I decided to actually hop in the pool and go for a swim. It was like I was living in a carefree world. When is the last time you went for an actual swim? It was so fun! I want to do that some more this week. Campbell and I went to the pool last night after he ate dinner and had fun splashing around. I still want to do the splash park so I'll put that on the to-do list for the week. And tonight Scott, Campbell and I went to the park to swing and slide and it was so fun! It's so easy for us to just stay inside because it's so hot right now but I'm going to embrace it this week. We may as well truly enjoy this summer weather and be outside as much as possible!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Playtime With Friends

This morning Campbell slept in until 8:30 (insert hands raised to the sky emoji). He goes through phases where he sleeps in and it's my favorite phase ever since he's my alarm clock and that means I get to sleep in too. He also goes through phases where he thinks it's acceptable to wake up at 6:15 but it's not. On average he's a 7:00 waker but occasionally he wavers and I always appreciate when he thinks he needs to sleep in.
As soon as he woke up we got moving for the day. We've had a play date at Little Giggles planned all week with Jaclyn and Emmy. We were the first (and only) ones there for a long time and it was so nice having it all to ourselves!! The kiddos had a blast until Campbell discovered they serve snacks there and then that's the only thing he could focus on. I swear he eats more than a teenage boy.
After Little Giggles and lunch at McAlisters, we all headed home so the babes could take a nap. While Campbell napped, I built his Ikea table and chairs that arrived on my doorstep today. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I love building things. I'm like, the girliest girl ever but I totally love to get out the tools and build stuff. I knocked that Ikea table out in no time without ever having to scratch my head while reading the instructions. It was very empowering. Ha!!
I've ended my night with a little wine, some What Would You Do on the TV and sweet snuggles from my girls. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend! I hope you enjoy yours as well.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Campbell went to his last day of MDO for the summer session today. I was really hoping to spend my free day basking in the sun but it has been pouring down rain every day this week. Rude. My tan is fading and I'm just a little bit sad about that.
I always let Campbell walk into his classroom. Usually he starts walking towards it then pauses and lets out a little cry and looks at me like "don't leave me Mom!" It makes me so sad but thankfully he gets over it in less than 60 seconds. Today he just walked right in and didn't even turn around to say bye to me. This busy boy was on a mission to play with a cute girl and her fun toy. It tickled me. Of course he does this the last day of MDO. We'll have to get adjusted all over again in the fall. Typical.
I spent my day attempting to get a lot accomplished and while I was out, I decided to pick up some legos for Campbell. Since he loves putting his fine motor skills to the test, I figured he would enjoy these. Campbell definitely loves stacking them but they aren't as steady as his normal blocks. Once they reach a certain height they get top heavy and tilt over. Other than that, Campbell likes his new toy. I'm not sure I've ever seen a baby enjoy stacking as much as he does. It's definitely entertaining to watch!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday | More 4th Fun

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Time Fun

I love these little nuggets. They are having a fun summer. We spend a lot of time playing outside in the evenings after Campbell goes to bed. Madison is still obsessed with her tennis balls and Ivy has found so much joy in watching Campbell eat while willing him to drop some of his food onto the floor. She never misses a meal and waits patiently for him to share. How do people without dogs keep their floors clean after their baby eats? That's one mess I never have to worry about cleaning up because I have two mini helpers who take care of that for me.
Campbell has loved stacking blocks since right around the time he turned one but now his stacking skills have turned into seriously tall towers. He LOVES these blocks and stacks them all day, every day and has for months now. They were my neighbors and she gave them to me because her kids outgrew them and I am so thankful she did! It's one of those toys I never would have thought to buy Campbell but he absolutely loves them. Lately he is stacking as tall as his little arms can reach and it makes Scott and I laugh watching him oh so carefully stacking his blocks.
This is Campbells last week of MDO for the summer. We have a 2 month break until starting back up in the fall. I'm going to have to come up with a lot of ways to keep us both entertained for the remainder of the summer. Thankfully our little town has some awesome venues to help me out. There's a lot of things on my summer bucket list that I have yet to accomplish. Time to start checking things off!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Firecracker Fourth

I had a wonderful July 4th weekend. I always do, but this year was my favorite to date because of my little peanut who had such a good time at our annual neighborhood event.
Our neighborhood has an Independence Day party every year called Firecracker Fourth and it's always a lot of fun. Campbell was too little to enjoy it last year but this year he loved it. My parents make us shirts every year for the event and Campbell looked so adorable in his! Scott got him dressed for me and when he came downstairs, I couldn't handle the cuteness. I don't know if it was the American Flag moccs, the seersucker shorts, or the shirt that my parents made.....or a combination of it all......but it's seriously one of my favorite outfits ever.
The event is kicked off by a bicycle parade. Everyone decorates their bikes, wagons, strollers, golf carts, etc and makes a lap around the neighborhood. The kids always look so adorably festive and I'm always so impressed with everyones decorations! This was Campbells favorite part of the day, hands down. While we were waiting to get started, Campbell walked up to everyone and "talked" so loudly to them. He wasn't sure what was going on but he knew he loved it. Scott and I were so tickled by his excitement.
After the parade we came home and got ready to head to the pool. I wanted to make sure we got some shots of Campbell in his smocked, American flag swimsuit before we left and somehow Campbell received a memo that he needed to get all GQ on us. We were so cracked up watching him model. He did all of these poses for us in one full motion and we knew that after just 4 clicks, we were golden.
After our photo shoot, we went to the pool to hang out with our neighbors and eat some hotdogs. Campbell only had fun at the pool for a little bit but he did enjoy eating, of course. After lunch it was Campbell's naptime and I went back out to the pool. All of the days activities, and the week of planning leading up to it, suddenly hit me and I retreated back home to take a nap. Scott and I hung out with our little stud at home for the rest of the day and after we put him to bed, we ended the day with an awesome neighborhood firework show.
My fourth couldn't have been more fun. I'm so grateful to live in the best, most fun neighborhood! I wouldn't want to spend the day anywhere else. I'm lucky to have made such wonderful friends here. What a wonderful day where so many fun memories were created. God bless the USA!!! Thankful to live in this awesome country.