Monday, August 25, 2008

Nothing Important

So today was a nice day. It consisted of doing nothing. A very nice change to watching a 3 year old 24/7. By the way I've noticed that I start all of my sentences with So. I do that because Scott does that. And I learned that the reason Scott does that, is because his boss does that. We ate dinner with him one night and I finally got it. His boss begins his sentences with so. Therefore it's rubbed off on Scott....therefore it's rubbed off on me.
Anyway, today was nice. I decided to lay on the tanning bed and when I got out, I walked to my car and saw a $10 bill floating in a puddle of water. I am totally not above putting that baby to a hair dryer and making it as good as new. So I made $10 today by doing nothing! Yay for me!
I discovered that my life is sad if I'm willing to stop and watch The Cheetah Girls for 20 minutes while channel surfing.
I watched the Hills tonight. I'm so Team Audrina this year. I've always been Team Whitney because she seems to be the only mature one. LC is great but there's something about her. And Lo....I dunno. But she is a KKG so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.
Did anyone watch the DNC tonight? I watched it on Fox of course. It did nothing for me. I did enjoy Michelle Obama's little video archive. Her mother seemed proud. And Michelle's outfit was great...of course. I was almost confused if I should be voting for Obama or Kennedy though. Was all of that necessary? I've decided while watching all of this political hoopla is this: A politician is no different than a pageant girl. All they do is walk out on a stage in their best outfit, wave consistently, and talk about things that are a great idea but never happen. Miss America should totally be the VP. Educated, well dressed (has many suits), great speaker, great waver.

More Videos

It's been a long time since I last posted because I was very busy last week. Taking care of Landon is definitely a full time job. He wore me out!! I worry that I'm not fit to be a mother because it exhauted me so much. Maybe I should have all girls. Landon went back to Tampa on Saturday. I'll get to see him again in October. He's going to come back to Arkansas and watch the Razorbacks play the Gators. He'll love that!
I got a new car finally!! I got it on Friday and I love it. My favorite car I've had so far definitely.
Since I was slacking so much on new postings last week, I wasn't able to post two more videos of Landon. These will be the last two I promise!! The first is of Scott trying to teach Landon how to juggle and the second is of Landon in his Halloween costume that he wore last year. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You've Got a Friend in Me

Funny story. I was talking to my Grammy and she asked me how I knew the difference between red wine and white wine. I asked her what exactly she meant by that. She said 'well, when I'm cooking, and a recipe calls for red wine how do I know if it's red wine?' I said 'Uhhh red wine is red and white wine is white.' She said that someone had told her that but she just wanted to check with me to make sure. Wow!

Landon loves singing and he wanted to make a 'movie' of him singing for all of you. So here he is, singing You've Got a Friend in Me. And those are the only words from the song that he knows by the way...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Landon drives

Sometimes when I'm playing with Landon, I have to do things that make me feel a little silly. For example, I'm the only one in the family who can fit in Landon's car and he always wants me to ride in it with him. Here is a short video of Landon and me riding in his car.

Landon and Pops

Here is a video of Landon and my dad that I took early this morning. Landon really likes making these 'movies' and loves to watch them over and over. He told us earlier 'Leave me alone I'm watching my movie!' Hope you find it as funny as we do!

Friday, August 15, 2008


It's a lovely rainy day here in Memphis, Tennessee and I'm just sitting here waiting on Scott to get off of work so we can go to Little Rock to see our nephew, Landon. I have to wait on Scott to drive me because my car is, for some reason, ashes now so it's a little impossible for me to get there on my own. I really have nothing interesting to say at all but maybe some of my ramblings will be worth your time to read.So I was watching the Jonas Brothers on Regis and Kelly and I've decided that I'll pick the oldest one to have a crush on. I don't know his name though. Speaking of Regis and Kelly, if I could be anybody else in the whole wide world it would be Kelly Ripa. I love her!
The other day, I got my car washed. This is when I still had a car of course. I paid 8 dollars for the good one which included the power blow drying. As my car was done washing, I was slowly pulling out trying to make sure every inch of my car was getting dry. Whatta ya know...a "homeless" person comes right up to my window wanting me to roll it down so I could give them money. I was trapped because I paid that 8 dollars to get that blow dry and I was not just gonna peal out....that would be a waste of a dollar. I just had to stare straigh ahead and try to pretend like I didn't see the women knocking on my window while my car got dry. So akward and quite scary. That happens in Memphis on a daily basis.
No news on a new car for me yet. Scott and I looked all day last Saturday at cars. That is so boring to me. Not fun at all. For some reason the insurance company is taking an exceptionally long time to write me a very large check. I guess they're confused because they've probably never had to deal with a car explosion that didn't include a bomb. Hopefully I'll have a car within the next week. I'm sure I'll spend hours looking with Dad and Scott in Little Rock tomorrow. Fun fun.
Alright that's all for now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Oreo Girl

Okay. So there's this candy store in Memphis called Dinstuhls and they have the absolute most amazing chocolate covered Oreos. I discovered these Oreos about a month ago and I am hooked!! I go quite frequently to Dinstuhls to get a chocolate covered Oreo....probably 3 times a week. I know it would make more sense for me to go and grab a bunch at one time but if I did that those Oreos wouldn't last five minutes. I'd eat them all at once. So I have to just go and get one at a time.
So there's this guy who works in there. A very nice guy actually. When my addiction first started I would go, grab my Oreo and check out. But I've been going so frequently he's started to recognize me. The other ladies in the store ask me if I need help but he tells them 'I know what she wants!', grabs an Oreo and checks me out. Very embarassing. I actually dread going into Dinstuhls but these Oreo's are so good, it's worth the humiliation. Today however, it reached an all new level. As I walked in, he said hey and I said hey back. Then he said 'I saw you driving downtown the other day.'
......Oh My Gosh for real? I'm the Oreo girl that you know so well you recognize me driving my car in the 17th largest city in America? That is so embarassing.
After that comment I have decided this has got to stop. My Oreo days are over.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spindini and Pageants

Last night Scott took me on a date to Spindini! I'm obsessed with that place. It is SO yummy!! Afterwards, we headed to the Flying Saucer to meet up with my friends Ashley and Rebecca. It's always so great to see them! Oddly enough, we hardly see each other even though we all live in Memphis. It was a lovely night!

I have so much time on my hands I've taken my bordem to the next level...the Miss Arkansas message board. That thing is crazy!! All they do is discuss the new Miss Arkansas official photo and the jewlery she is wearing in it. Some find her necklace and earings so fashion foward while others find it amazingly tacky to wear anything other than diamond studs. And don't even get them started on the possible airbrushing the photographer did on that photo!!! People have fought for 8 pages over it. Doesn't that make you laugh out loud? Get a life people!!! Why does it matter?? Ahhh the pageant world...

My precious nephew is coming to see me tomorrow! I'm very excited! I'm sure my next blog will be all about the cute things he has said. Until then, I'm going to eat my lunch now while enjoying reruns of Home Improvement which will no doubt, be filled with Judge Mathis and Maury commercials....always entertaining.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I had decided a few weeks ago that I was just not as limber as I used to be. I took dance lessons for 16 years and cheered all through high school and junior high therefore being quite flexible and in great shape. Once I went to college though, I stopped all of that cold turkey. One night last week, I decided to do a back bend. No big deal as I was a gymnast growing up and could do all kinds of topsy turvy flips when needed. Well I did it, successfully, but boy did it hurt. I thought to myself 'what a great thing for me to start doing! This can keep me limber and it targets muscle groups that you can't target by doing a normal workout!' So I start doing a few a day. After talking about it to Scott, I finally decide to show off my Olympic back bend skills. I get into position and do my back bend with the greatest of ease, then to finish it off, decided to kick over. Well, things didn't go so well there. As I was kicking over, my arms bent while my legs were midair making my neck curl becoming the sole support system of my entire body. My legs landed somewhere between the foot board and mattress while my neck was somehow magically wrapped around the bottom of the bed. Scott was like 'Oh My Gosh Are You Okay!!!" Of course, I just stood up and laughed. No big deal. We gymnast are used to these things. They usually entail something a little more challenging than a back bend kick over but he doesn't know that. Well, a week later, my neck is really sore. By Friday night it becomes unbearable. I decided yesterday morning that I was going to call my doctor, Greg Smart, and get him to call in something for me. I laughed out loud when I read what the medication he prescribed for me was. Meloxicam, used to relieve osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. For real? I'm 23. That's what you get for trying to be 15 again. No more back bends for Kara.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great Day

Today was a great day! It began with my dear friend, Nathan Summertime Marcotte, calling me at 9:30 to tell me there is a new facebook application that counts how many words per minute you can type. Nathan typed 129 WPM becoming the 6th fastest typer in all of Facebook!!! I took the challenge and was able to type 99 WPM! I want to keep trying but I'm afraid I'll never get 99 WPM again so I'm just gonna stay put for now. Scott tried tonight and his highest score was only 69! (It's driving him crazy that I'm winning)
The best part of my day is when my amazing fiancee called me around 10:00 to tell me he booked me a massage appointment at 2. AWWW. He's so sweet!! Out of nowhere...just because! He does this for me all the time and I love him for it!!
I used my lottery money that I won yesterday to get my hair 20 additional dollars. I know I'm a hairstylist but haircuts are so expensive!! When you're shellin it out for yourself it hurts!! However, my hair looks lovely and she did better than anyone ever has actually. After my hair appointment I drove straight to the Peabody for my massage! It was amazing!! So nice!
I decided to continue with my fancy pampering and waltz over to the lobby of the Peabody and have myself a glass of wine. The ducks were swimming while I was there so that made it even more lovely. The only spoiler was the kid who was trying to be all Harry Potter on the ducks. He was waving his hands like he was magically trying to turn them into something else. I dread when my kids get to that major annoying age.
All in all, a lovely day. And I ended it by cooking my favorite guy a delicious Filet with mushroom sauce with a side of steamed broccoli and a cajun crabmeat dip for an appetizer. Under candlelight. I had to be romantic since he was so good to me today!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today I was feeling lucky so I stopped by a gas station close to my house and purchased 3 lottery tickets. Just the scratch off kind, not the powerball. Imagine my surprise when I won 30 dollars!! I'm going to buy myself a haircut with that money because I'm in desperate need of one. I tried to cut it myself but my arms just don't stretch as far as they need to. It's quite difficult.

Has anyone heard that song about riding a bike with no handlebars? I seriously believe that is the dumbest song I've ever heard in my entire life. It's miserable.

Scott booked our honeymoon yesterday! We're both very excited about it. We tossed up a lot of ideas and finally decided on St. Lucia. The resort looked too good to pass up! Only downfall is our flight leaves at 6 a.m. on Sunday! Poor Scott will wake up to a grumpy wife when the alarm for us to get moving goes off at 4. It will of course all be worth it and the best thing about me is I can sleep anywhere!! Check out where we're staying!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Coach Thief

So today I decided to go shopping and headed over to an outdoor shopping area in Memphis called Saddle Creek. When I pulled into Saddle Creek I spotted an up-close parking spot and started heading toward it. This green SUV was blocking the aisle that I needed to get in so I just sat there and waited on it to get out of the way. After sitting there a bit I suddenly see this teenage boy hauling butt with 5 huge Coach bags dangling off his left arm!!! He hopped into the back seat of the green SUV that his role model of a mother was driving and the car started pealing out. I turned my head to get the plate number and they had it covered up with a freaking wal mart bag!!!! However, since I was so close I could see through it. I parked my car and ran towards Coach to tell the sales girls standing helplessly in the parking lot watching them get away that I got the plate number. They called the police and I had to stay there to report everything I saw. So there you go. Just another typical day in Memphis....

Fun in Little Rock

On Saturday night, my favorite couple, Brad and Jaclyn, came to Little Rock to visit Scott and I! Brad and JJ were traveling back from Destin where they had been all week and Scott and I were in Little Rock for weddings, commercials, and car shopping. Brad and JJ decided to stop through Little Rock and hang out with us. We had a celebratory dinner and we all stayed the night at my parents house. We had such a great time, as always. We ate at 1620 in Little Rock and then came back to my parents house to discuss wedding details! JJ and I actually made a video for my blog but it's very long and won't upload. Or if it will I don't have the patience to wait for it because last I tried it took 30 minutes and I was over it by then. I have decided for my blog that I like to add a picture if I have one so everyone can get a visual so here's one of us before dinner. The video would have been way better but oh well.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hannah's Wedding

Today my beautiful friend, Hannah, got married! Hannah is my Kappa big sis and I am so lucky that she is! Hannah took such good care of me my freshman year. We instantly became great friends and had such a good time together during school! I'm so glad that Hannah has found the right guy for her! She was stunning on her wedding day and the wedding was fabulous! I had a great time and was so happy that I was able to be involved! Congratulations to my big sis! I'm so happy for you!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Last night my best friend Jaclyn called me with some very exciting news. I answered my phone and she said 'Kara' and I said 'yeah' and there was silence and then I screamed 'Oh My Gosh You're Engaged!!!' I am so happy for Brad and Jaclyn! I have been Team Brad since day one! I love how happy Jaclyn is around him and I love how much he adores her! They are a great couple and Scott and I always have way too much fun when we are with them! Mine and Jaclyn's lives are funny in that they are completely mirrored. We always go through the same things at the same time so I knew it wasn't long before Brad popped the question. I figured he would give me a little heads up about the whole thing but I won't hold it against him! I'm so happy for Braclyn! (That's the celebrity couple name we gave them) Congrats to both! I love you guys so much!