Friday, May 29, 2009


I don't really have much to blog about. It's 9:17 and Walk The Line is on TV. It's over at 10 which in my world 10 really means 'TMZ time' then off to bed. So I just twittered about this but literally...I was sitting on my couch drinking a tall glass of wine that I just poured when a black fly landed in it and died. I just sat and starred for a minute not quite sure what just happened. Dang it! I had to pour the whole tall glass of wine down the sink. So annoying!! I was singing Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' in my head while I emptied my glass. I thought it was quite...IRONIC! Don't call me cheesy for saying that. You'd think that too!

Tomorrow I wake up bright and early for work then off to Memphis to see my favorite husband! I'm hoping I can leave early so I don't have to get to Memphis at 11 like last time. I asked my boss if I could leave an hour early and she blocked me out but also said that if no one books with me before I'm blocked out I can go on ahead and leave. I have lots of early morning and early afternoon apts (thank goodness...bout time for the week) So far, my latest apt ends at 2 so that would be just a perfect time for me to get to leave. Cross your fingers!!!
Speaking of appointments...I had a color today on a 13 year old. She came in with gorgeous natural blond, long, luxurious hair. The color and length 90% of blondes pay to have. All natural may I say again. She wanted me to do what I call 'the skunk.' Top half bleach blonde, bottom half black black black. Which P.S. is totally NOT in style anymore. After 5 minutes of trying to talk her out of it, I had no choice but to RUIN her hair. It made me sick to my stomach. Literally. I actually couldn't speak as I was applying the color to her hair. And not to beat a dead horse but also...doing that is soooooo unhealthy for your hair. I might as well have gone to Walmart and gotten some Clorox and had her dip her hair in it. When it comes to treating hair healthy, I am the ultimate NUT!! So that in itself drove me insane. And she uses Aussie shampoo. I'm shaking my head as I say that. Good shampoo, ESPECIALLY if your color your hair, is a MUST!!! Don't buy that crap Walmart sells people!!! If you're going to invest in spending all that money to get your hair colored, buy a decent shampoo to keep it healthy. Nothing and I mean NOTHING annoys me more than cheap, crap shampoo. Get what your stylists sells/recommends. I guarantee you it won't be anything you'll find at Walmart.

Okay I'm done with that now. It's off my chest. I'm gonna get ready for bed now then get my daily fill of TMZ then head off to bed! I'm very excited about going to Memphis to see Scott! I get to stay until Tuesday too which is very exciting as well! TTYL!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I decided since there was nothing on TV that I would watch So You Think You Can Dance. It gave me the dancing bug so I got out my dancing shoes and stepped in my garage (door closed) to see if I still had what it takes. I grew up dancing and took lessons for 16 years. However, I haven't put those shoes on since my dance recital my senior year in high school. I noticed two things: 1, my foot has grown!! My tap shoes were about a size too small. 2, I don't have the stamina I used to. Three shuffle ball changes in, I was pooped. After my legs got wiggly from the tapping, I got out my lyrical shoes to see if an axle was as easy as it used to be. Turns is! I'm just clearly not in the shape I used to be in. I danced around the house for about 20 minutes and I had to turn the fan on, the air conditioning down 3 degrees and plop on my couch panting. I enjoyed my dancing though for however short a time it was. Putting those shoes on my feet took me back! I decided to not even go there with the toe shoes. Those'll have to wait another time. I can only imagine to pain those may cause my 24 year old feet. I feel like the dancing is probably good exercise for me so I think I may try to do it every once in a while. Plus, I want to be like my mom was when I was a little girl for my little girl. She was my dance teacher growing up and I have a feeling if she put her dance shoes on she'd still be pretty bad ass. I want my daughter to know me as a dancer like I know my mom cause I think it's pretty awesome! Once a dancer always a dancer? We'll just see I guess...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My 24th Birthday

My 24th birthday was a great day! I woke up the best way possible. With my husband and my Holly snuggled up next to me! Scott made me breakfast in bed -an omelet and a pancake wrapped sausage with orange juice. (the sausage was frozen don't let him fool you ;) Scott gave me my birthday presents which Holly opened since her favorite thing in the whole wide world is to open a present. Afterwords, I put the bow around Holly and she looked so cute!!
After I ate my breakfast and opened my gifts, Scott and I got dressed and headed out the door. First, I wanted to go to my favorite store of all time, Masons, and go birthday shopping! I found some things I liked and then we headed up to Rogers. Scott needed to go to Soho and get some pants of his fixed. He asked me where I wanted to go to lunch and I said Panera but he found that an unacceptable birthday lunch for some reason. He told me we should go somewhere special so he decided PF Changs. I was like, okay whatever, so we headed that way. When we got there, I had a surprise waiting for me! My NWA friends were there waiting on me to join me in my bday lunch!I was very surprised and wasn't expecting that at all! I was also just a touch embarrassed by my attire. If I had known I was going to be seeing people I would have spent a little more time getting dressed and picked a better outfit to wear. Jaclyn thought it was great because she said I obviously didn't know what was going on and that was a clear sign! Haha. Lunch was delicious and I got great gifts from my great friends! I was also surprised by 3 cakes from Ricks. Yummy! We shared 2 of them at lunch then Scott and I ate the other after our dinner.

After lunch, Scott and I came back home and I continued to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 like I had ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! I've decided I'm obsessed with that show now. I'd never seen one episode before but I'll be DVRing it from now on...

Scott and I popped open a yummy bottle of champagne and drank it out of our nice stemware! We got dressed and headed off to Theos for a delicious dinner.

The meal was great and I had a lovely date with my great husband! We usually like to have a long dining experience and Scott likes to tell the waiter to 'take it slow' but I was really anxious to watch the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 so we ate at normal speed and hurried home. The show was so good and I cried because it makes me said when any ones marriage dissolves. Theirs clearly is. It made it really sad because I had been watching them all weekend and to see that happen to a family is just plain sad. I hope they can work it out.

So there you go! That was my birthday! It was perfect and couldn't have been better. Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holly and Rose

This weekend I've had the pleasure of watching Holly and Rose. Brad and Jaclyn had to go out of town for the weekend so Rose has been spending some time at the Johnson residence. It's been very interesting seeing Holly and Rose together. Holly is very chill and just wants to sit and be petted and Rose is very playful and all over the place. Rose really enjoys playing with all of the toys Holly has here. I was worried that Holly would feel betrayed and think that I went and got a new dog but for some reason I think she knows Rose is just here for a little bit. The funniest moment with the two girls for Scott and I happened last night. Jaclyn packed a bag for Rose and she put a big chew bone in with Rose's bag. Well, Rose was just a chewin on it and Holly just sat at a distance lusting over it. Then she'd look at Scott and I and then look back at Rose's bone. You could totally read what Holly was thinking. 'That looks soooo good! I want one really bad.' So after about 5 minutes of Holly salivating over Rose's bone, Scott went and got Holly one too. She was very excited and chewed on it all night! Haha. Brad and Jaclyn are about to come pick up Rose. I'm sure she'll be happy to see her momma and daddy but she's been really great and happy so she does well with babysitters!

Last night Scott and I went out to eat with Scott's dad at Bordinos and it was super duper delicious. We went to Theos after and we had some cocktails and met up with Matt and Meredith. We got home kinda late but we were having a good time! Today we've been very lazy. It's 2:00 and I just got dressed! Scott and I have been watching the Jon and Kate plus 8 marathon on TV. I've never seen it before! The tabloid stories have sparked my interest. I'm not surprised he's having an affair. They seem to be at each other's throats the whole time. We ate slims for lunch and it was soooo good! I told Scott 'I'm getting french fries' and Scott laughed because I said it so seriously like it was a huge monumental deal. Umm...that's because it's been 2 months since I've had french fries so I was very excited. They met my needs! Tonight we're going over to Scott's mom's for some hamburgers and hot dogs. Whew! I am not doing good on my diet this weekend. It's alright though cause it's my birthday weekend, right? Okay well, I'm gonna get back to Jon and Kate plus 8. Hope you all have a good Sunday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Scott's 25th Birthday

Hello everyone! It's been a while. Let me catch you up.
I went to Memphis last weekend for Scott's birthday. We had a great time and just chilled which was nice for the both of us. On Sunday we went shopping around Memphis. We ate a yummy lunch at The Flying Fish that I enjoyed very much. For dinner Scott grilled some brats and we ate them on a hot dog bun. I won't touch a hot dog with a 10 foot pole but I will eat a brat and it was very very yummy! On Monday, I picked Scott up from work and we had a delicious lunch together. I ran around Memphis afterwords and tried to find another little small something to get Scott for his birthday. I ended up giving him a pair of work pants and 2 work shirts (that he picked out) and 4 DVD's since he doesn't have cable in his bedroom. We popped open a bottle of champagne at the house and enjoyed that before we drove off to our favorite restaurant ever, Spindini. It was soooo good! Afterwords, our Memphis pals, Wade and Alissa, met us out at the Flying Saucer for a few drinks then off we went to bed. It doesn't sound like much but it was quite enjoyable! While Scott was at work, I went for long walks around Mud Island and it's so pleasant and relaxing. The river is up so high from all of the rain!! Crazy. Here's some pics from Scott's 25th birthday!

And you know I love a candid.....

With Wade and Alissa outside of the Saucer....

I drove home on Tuesday and was so sleepy from the eventful night I had before so I actually stayed at my parents house in Little Rock and work up very early Wednesday morning to drive to NWA. I didn't have to be at work until 10 on Wednesday so I figured that was okay. I left my house about 15 minutes later than I should have but knew it would be okay since last I checked, my first appointment for the day wasn't until 10:45. So when I got on 540, I called the salon and told them I was running about 15 minutes late and just wanted to let them know. OF COURSE I had a bright and early 10:00 booked so needless to say, nobody's gotten down 540 as quickly as me. I made it just in time! WHEW!

Speaking of 540, Scott just popped on it so I need to start getting dinner prepared! I don't know what our plans are for the weekend. I have to work tomorrow but I do know we're going out to eat at Bordinos tomorrow night. My father-in-law is taking us for mine and Scott's birthday! Yummy. I'm already excited about that. I'll keep you all updated over the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kris and Crabbys

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited Kris Allen has made it to the finals!!! Kris is going to get all of Danny's votes and he's totally going to win this thing. I called it. I so called it. A LONG time ago!!! There's lots of folks out there who'll think Adam is just way over the top. Sure he's talented...incredibly talented....but most people would rather listen to Kris Allen's style than Adam Lamberts. And not to bash Adam to make Kris look better and all but all of Adam's songs are the same. Slow starting, very dramatic, with a large Mariah Carey note at the end. I'm over that. Give me a creative rendition of Kanye West and I'm on board. Kris mixes it up....Adam does not. He's so predictable. And P.S. I guess I'm so confused why everyone is more in love with Danny than Kris?? I'm not on board with all that. WHAT is the deal? Kris is so much better and's not because he's from Arkansas.
I ate my yummy Crabbys Southwestern Cobb salad for lunch and it was SOOOO good! Let me tell you what's on it. Tiny chopped grilled chicken, chopped bacon, tomatoes, jalapenos, and a glob of guacamole on top with southwestern ranch dressing (on the side). Mmmm!!! So good! I could eat it every day. For din I had shrimp and veggies again. It's so good....and SOOOO few in calories.
I'm about to head up to Bentonville to spend the night at the chateau Randall Johnson. I've stayed at my place all week but I didn't get enough sleep last night (because of the scariness) so I'm headed up there to get a good long shut eye. I guess I should get movin. Night night!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol and Miss Cali

Today dragged on and on. I had 1 appointment today and that was my friend, Jaclyn. Since the first day I've been at my job, I've had no less than 4 appointments a day. 1. 1? What is that about. This rain needs to quit because it's making my bank account come up a touch short.
I became so bored today that I decided to read the paper. Snore! People who know me from high school may find it as quite a surprise that I find reading a paper boring for 2 reasons: 1, I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper & 2, I had a weekly column in the El Dorado News Times my senior year in high school that ran every Tuesday. (Very Carrie Bradshaw of me but without all the sex talk) Reading my hometown newspaper or my high school newspaper is interesting but I'm not interested in someones far left sided opinion on Rham Emanuel in the Democrat Gazette. Or what the score of the Fayetteville Bulldogs vs Ft. Smith Southside baseball game was. I dunno. Just not interested. Maybe the longer I live here I will. In the El Dorado paper though, you take the rubber band off the rolled up paper and know every person that's in the paper....and the people who wrote the column. Here, I'm like....who??? Not entertaining. Anyways...done with that.
I ate lunch at McAlisters with Jaclyn and it was yummy. They have a new half and half menu now. So you can get half of anything (spud, salad, sandwich, soup) and it's awesome! I've gotten Jaclyn hooked on the Lose It! app and she's doing it now too starting today. She's got a wedding coming up and wants to look like a sexy momma for it! Me too...for her wedding. Those pictures last forever....
I ate dinner Brad and Jaclyns. Haha. I'm very much a third wheel when Scott's away. We watched Idol tonight and Kris Allen's version of Heartless was A MAY ZING. I wasn't into apologize so much but heartless blew me away. So good!!!! I hope so bad he makes it to the finals. I will be on pins and needles tomorrow night. I think he's the best one and that's not because he's from Arkansas. If all of those boys were on the radio at the same time, I would choose to sing along with Kris. I love his style. It's very Barret Baber at On The Rocks...drinking a cocktail with the wind blowing through my hair, as I sit in a raggedy white chair on the roof top in the summer time with my cute husband mingling with his frat bros behind me as I gaze at Barret singing Easy and Purple Rain. Which is perfection in my mind. I love nothing more in the summer than a night like that. Ahhh....rain should go away so I can do that soon!!
Props to The Donald for keeping Miss California on. WHAT is the deal with all of this? She is being crucified for stating her opinion....which she was asked to do!! People are acting like she's an alien from Mars who's come up with this whole idea on her own of marriage being between a man and a woman. I don't get it? She's not the only person in the world that feels like that. 70% of Americans agree with her. BACK OFF!! It doesn't matter if you agree with her or not. She was asked to give her opinion, she did it, therefore being punished for her beliefs? I think that's totally messed up. If I didn't love celebrity gossip so much, and if his information wasn't so juicy and accurate, I would totally abandon Perez Hilton's site. No can do though since I'm addicted. I feel sorry for her. How much you want to bet she'll be an anchor for Fox News in 2011?
Alright well....I need to get ready for bed. I didn't get good sleep last night and I had actual bags under my eyes this morning. I can't believe how old my body is getting. 3 years ago that wouldn't have happened. It's sad. Before long I'll have gray hair and age spots from tanning. NOOO!!!! Night!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shrimp and Vegetables

Wow last week went by fast! I realized today that I haven't blogged in a week so this could be a long one.
Work is still going good. It's been a little slow because of all the rain. People don't like to get their hair done then step outside and have it get ruined so a lot of people opt to not show up. I get it I guess. Friday and Saturday were super busy though like always. I guess everyone has decided those are the best days for hair to be done. I had an interesting encounter on Saturday. I had about 2 hours with no clients so all the walk-in's came my way. Well, around lunch, in walks one of Scott's old girlfriends. I was the only one that could do her hair which made for an awkward situation for the both of us. We choose to pretend like we had no idea who each other were until the very end when she brought him up.
I called Scott to tell him and he laughed and said 'sorry about that.' Scott makes life difficult in these ways as I seem to have to encounter his ex-girlfriends quite often. One works at the tanning place I go to so I get to see her a couple of times a week. Neat. We pretend like we don't know each other too. I'm not so much to be that way with an ex encounter (mine or my husbands) but everyone else seems to feel that's the best way to do it so I just go with it.
Today I went shopping since it was my day off. It would have been a good time to have about $2,000 just laying around because I would have spent every dime of it. How come you always find all kinds of cute stuff when you have no money? So annoying.
I had a good weekend with Scott. We went out Saturday night to Theos! It was a good time. We met up with some of Scott's friends and chilled. I went way over on my calories that night as I had: 1 glass of champagne, 2 pomegranate martinis, 2 glasses of wine, and 1 beer. If you're wondering if I felt like butt hole the next morning the answer is yes. It all just tasted really good. I didn't want to stop!
My parents came up for the weekend but it was for work so I probably saw them for 2 hours total most of that being lunch for Mothers Day. I actually didn't get to see much of Scott either because he helped my parents work and I was at work myself on Saturday. We never seem to get to have much alone time when he comes up for the weekend. It gets a touch frustrating. Oh well. Hopefully that's over soon?? Who the crap knows. I'm over it. (Bitter Betty Here)
Alright's 7:00 on the dot (I'm in my drop top crusin the street...sorry I had to) and I'm about to cook some shrimp and vegetables and pour me some wine. No good shows really on tonight. DWTS I guess and The Hills. TTYL People!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Favorite Photo Album Pages

Friday, May 1, 2009

In Case You're Bored....Landon Videos!

Holly Picture

Also, here's an adorable picture of Holly that I took on Sunday that I wanted to share. She likes to sit at the dinner table with us. She can do that because she's a good girl and just sit's there. Unlike some/most dogs who would probably climb on the table and eat the food. She just wants to sit up high! This is my background on my phone right now. She's so sweet!!!

Pet Peeve/Flower Garden

Okay so I have a new pet peeve. It's always annoyed me but I've gotten it a lot lately so I'm all the way annoyed with this now. Let me build this up for you. Every conversation with my clients usually goes the same way. I ask them questions and vice versa. Then, the questions always asked by them, "where are you from originally?" "South Arkansas, El Dorado." "Oh well what brought you up here?" "I went to school at the UofA and loved it so much I just wanted to stay in NWA." "Oh, did you finish?" "No, I decided I wanted to go to beauty school instead." And here's what annoys me...."So are you going to go back and finish?"
Now why in the world would I go and do that? WHY? Why? Sometimes when I'm feeling a little not so sweet and precious, I (worded differently and nicely) ask pretty much that question and they always say, "Well it's good to have something to fall back on." Yeah, because a degree in political science is a great one to have just in case. If people ever decided to go all cavemen with their looks, a poli sci degree will be so handy to use and move to DC to be the press secretary for the President. Because that's totally a more realistic career than what I do now. Is my career not good enough for you? What's the deal? Do you just want me to have a piece of paper that I can frame and put on my wall? Why? Will I seem smarter to you if I do? I'm so over that BS. Why would I go back to the UofA and spend $25,000 and waste 2 years of my life for a piece of paper that I'll NEVER use? Because it's the politically correct thing to do I guess? Whatever. I'm so over that. I have a really great job, that I really love, that I'm really good at, and that really makes good money. URGH!! So annoying....and offensive too.
Anyways, work has been crazy this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had to do this Walmart event for the salon where I worked until 10. I never got a chance to eat dinner those nights either so my calorie budget for the week is sky, I look really skinny this week because of that. Awesomeness. I better since last week, I completely stayed within my caloric budget and I GAINED a pound. WTF? That deserves a WTF? That crap makes me so mad. It makes me want to throw something breakable against the wall then go grab a hamburger. Scott's all like 'weight fluctuates, I think you're beautiful...' I'm like, 'I DON'T CARE. I eat rabbit food all week and GAIN a pound? That's messed up. I BETTER lose 2 pounds this week or I really will go grab a hamburger.
So, I planted new spring flowers in my little flower bed. I had pansies in there but they were getting all crazy so I pulled them up and planted pretty spring flowers! I think I did a better job at arranging the flowers and stuff then I did with the pansies. When I planted my pansies, I got like 30 pansies and just threw them all in the flower bed. This time, I strategicly got flowers that would color coordinate and work well together. Some are short, I got a little leafy bush, and did some calalillies for some height. I think it'll look really good! I'm proud of myself. Here's some pics of all of my flowers that I planted/potted. Enjoy!