Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exciting News!

I have exciting news! Scott and I got our cute little house in High Pointe!! I'm so excited! We're moving THIS WEEKEND. It's so fast but since it's the end of the month we figured might as well buck up and move out so we don't have to wait a whole month to move in to our new place. I'm so excited! It's new and has hard wood and granite and stainless steel and I get my jacuzzi tub!! Everything I wanted plus the 3 bedrooms. I took today and tomorrow off from work so I can try and get some stuff done! I'm having a garage sale tomorrow morning so I hope I make a lot of money because, of course, I want to buy some nice new things for my nice new home. I feel like this is so meant to be. Listen to this...
So Scott and I discovered this place one Sunday after church. We always go looking for homes after church on Sunday. We saw this cute little neighborhood and went into the model home to meet the lady and we fell in love with all of the homes. Then we asked if she would rent and she said no. So we left disappointed. Scott decided to give her a call and she said she'd rent to us (I think I already told ya'll that) but when we met with her again this week she told us that she felt so bad that she told us no and could tell we we disappointed and so she prayed that we would call her back, which we did, and waallaa! Prayer answered. Yay!!
So I'm gonna hop off because I'm got some moving to do. Catch back up with you sometime next week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is Here!!!

It feels so good outside!! The perfect way to start out the first day of fall! This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I know I've said that about 187 times now but it's just so true! I love everything about it. I can't wait until the leaves start to turn and when it gets to be sweater weather. I don't know about you guys but I think this is going to be a cold winter. It's usually still burnin hot this time of year. I predict snow. Please let is snow!! I love snow.
So I'm very excited because Scott and I have an appointment set up with a lady today to go look at some houses. We found this super cute neighborhood in Bentonville called High Point. They're the craftsmen houses like I love and they're teeny tiny but just right for us! What I like about them is even though they're small they have very nice amenities. Like hard wood, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, jacuzzi tubs etc. The ones we're looking at are 3 bedroom which we desperately need. When my family was up here this weekend Kyle had to sleep on the couch and Landon slept in our big leather chair! It has an ottoman don't worry. We didn't make him sleep upright. It was just cramped and my family comes up a lot and other visitors too so we really need an extra bedroom.
Scott and I have had a hard time finding rental houses. They're either super old in a crappy neighborhood or really nice and something we'd like to own but the rent is ridiculously expensive. I broke down at one point and told Scott we were just gonna have to purchase but of course I didn't win that battle. So I'm very excited about this neighborhood. They have 4 houses for us to look at and I really hope I like 1 of them. I'm very picky.
Hmm....well I guess I should make lunch. Even though nothing sounds good. Don't you hate that? When nothing sounds good. It's probably extra hard since I have all of two options, turkey or tuna. Enjoy the first day of fall!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Arkansas vs. Georgia

Today is the last day of summer. That makes me excited since, as you know, I love fall! It's been feeling like fall a little bit since this weather has been so odd. The Razorback game was chilly! Good thing I sit inside.

My whole family came up for the game including Landon. They got in on Friday and I helped Landon do some of his homework that his teacher sent with him.

So cute! On Saturday we all woke up excited for the football game! We avoided tailgating extremely early because of the rain, but luckily it stopped semi-early enough. We got out there at about 3:30 and had a lot of fun hanging out at the SAE alumni tailgate. It was very nice and all of Scott's buddies were there. Before we went though, we stopped in the SAE house so Landon could take a look. We also stopped in the Sigma Nu house because my dad is an alum and he wanted to check out their brand new house. I'd never been in it either and it was really nice. Still smelled new. Wonder how long that'll last...

The game was typical. Start off awesome and end up losing. Not at all surprising. The Hogs need to step it up. I had a lot of fun. I'm really happy my family came up. I always enjoy their company. We had a great time and I cant wait until the Auburn game so we can do it all over again

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain = Couch & Blanket

I love rainy days! It's drizzling here in NWA and I just love it. That probably makes me weird but I don't care. Rainy days make me want to snuggle up with a blanket and watch Little Women. It's my go-to movie on a snowy/cold/rainy day. I don't know why, but I love it!
I'm home from work right now 'on-call.' I don't have any appointments until 5:00 so I opted to go on call. You can pretty much bet that on a rainy day, you won't get any clients coming through the door. I'm too ADD to sit at the salon and twiddle my thumbs so I just came home.
I would give anything to have a chocolate covered strawberry right now. It has to be one of my all-time favorite things EVER. I LOVE a chocolate covered strawberry and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory makes some delicious ones! I'm strong though and didn't go get one before I came home. I met with my trainer yesterday for my monthly check-up. He weighed me and checked my body fat and thought I was doing pretty good but I begged to differ. So we talked about everything I eat on a daily basis and what time I eat it and he did to me what I feared he'd do. He took my Special K Cinnamon Pecan cereal away! Boo. Now I have to eat eggs for breakfast which I don't mind but my cereal was just so good. I looked forward to it every morning!! He wants me to check back with him in 2 weeks to see if it's making a difference.
Glee comes on tonight! If you aren't watching it you're making a big mistake. It's such a great show! Going to be one of my new favs for sure. I'm going to try and watch a lot of the new shows this season. The ones on ABC all look good. I love TV and having 'shows' to watch. It makes my life more enjoyable! I think I'm really looking forward to Modern Family the most. That one looks funny. Also Couger Town because I love Courtney Cox and Flash Forward. Flash Forward looks more appropriate to be a movie instead of a TV show but I'm gonna give it a shot. Since they took Dirty Sexy Money away from me and ruined my Wednesday nights because of it, hopefully these shows will make up for it. Although I doubt it because DSM was SO good and I'm SO sad they cancelled it.
Alright the couch and my blanket is calling my name.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today has been nice. My day off with nothing to do! No errands to run, no house to clean, no nothing. So nice! It would have been perfect if it had started out better. As I've mentioned before, I have a large problem with my husband and him not hearing his alarm when it goes off. This morning I wanted to yank Scott's alarm out of the wall and throw it in the hallway. I swear it's a full minute before he hears it. That's an extremely long time since I hear the first beep it makes. I'm such a light sleeper. I could hear a hummingbird land on my roof. I made a dramatic attempt to let my husband know how annoyed I was, by sighing loudly, flipping the sheets off me, and walk to the kitchen to get 6:45 on my day off.
Scott's too cute to be mad at for too long so as he was leaving for work, and apologized for waking me up he said 'I really don't know what to do about it' to which I had nothing to do but laugh and say 'Me Either!'
But seriously...what am I going to do about this? This kills me. Not a good way to start off a day....especially when it's your day off. So annoying. I'm open for suggestions. Facebook me.
I really don't have anything else to say. My day consisted of nothing so I really don't have anything to talk about. Unless you want me to give my opinion on Kanye West which I almost don't even want to waste my time on him. I'm hungry so I'm going to start cooking.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Feels Like Fall Today!

What a great day to snuggle up with a blanket and watch a movie! It's chilly up here in NWA and I love it!! Fall is absolutely hands down my favorite season. When I start seeing Halloween and Thanksgiving decor at stores I get really really happy.
Scott and I just got home from church. After church we had lunch with Brad and Jaclyn then I went to Banana Republic with Jaclyn to help her find 'work clothes.' I'm jealous because Jaclyn has to go to New York this week for work. She has to go to New York all the time for work and I'm always all the way jealous of her. One of these days I'm gonna hop on a plane and go with her! She works for Coty and does all of the make-up and nails for Walmart and, fittingly, their offices are in NYC so she's there quite often.
This weekend was fun. Friday night we had din at Hermans with Brad and Jaclyn then went to Theos after and sat on their patio. ALL of Scott's friends who live here met up with us then some of Brads friends came too so we had a large crowd. Always fun! Last night Scott and I stayed in and rented The Other Boleyn Girl. Such a great movie! I highly encourage everyone to watch it.
Funny story: After I cried on here with my last post about only losing two pounds, I stepped on the scale the next day to be an extra two pounds lighter. What's that about? I've just decided to stop obsessing with the number on the scale. Well, not really I'm totally lying. I'm just not gonna hop on it as often as I do. Actually I've been given no option because Scott is hiding it from me. That tiny little box makes me way too emotional. It's always changing it's mind on me and plays games that I don't understand how to follow. I'm breaking up with it....for a while. We'll get back together next month.
I'm gonna snuggle up with a blanket now! Have a good weekend! I know yours is probably over but mine is just beginning.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Body....Why Do You Hate Me?

I'm sitting here waiting on my chicken to cook so I thought I'd blog even though I really don't have anything to talk about.
I've been on my diet for a whole month now and I weighed today and cried because I've only lost 2 pounds. 2??? TWO?? I guess I'm confused since I eat healthy like it's a life or death kinda thing and since I work out 5 days a week. With sweat dripping down me like I've never seen in my life before. Running so long and so hard my left knee now feels like the bones are scratching each other. I mean I guess I'm so confused. Scott told me I shouldn't have weighed today since I did cheat this weekend for labor day. But even though I cheated 2 days I kept my portions really small and ate how a normal person eats probably. And I'm sorry even if I ate pizza and cheeseburgers every day, I should still lose weight with how hard I exercise. UGH! Scott and I discussed for about 30 minutes what I could possibly be doing wrong and we came to no conclusion. I can tell a difference in my legs. They are hard as bricks and don't jiggle even when I try to make them jiggle. So that's good. And Scott said my back looks leaner. Maybe I am just 'gaining muscle' even though I hate when people say that to me. Hello I've been hungry and running like Forrest Gump for a month. Reward me please. I'm still gonna stick with it and spend more time lifting weights and see if that makes a difference. I get extremely sad when I'm not rewarded for my good deeds. And if you haven't noticed by now, weight is an extremely sensitive issue with me. I blame it on competing in pageants but that's a WHOLE other story... Looks like those Manolo's I planned on having next month aren't gonna happen at this rate.
Scott's job at Sara Lee is going good. He doesn't get a computer until next week so he's been kinda at a loss. He's very impressed with how much more laid back these suppliers are than IP in Memphis. Not quite as intense....although if I know my husband I'm pretty sure his intenseness won't fade with this job. We're really excited because Sara Lee's headquarters are in Chicago so we're on our knees praying daily that he has to go to Chicago soon for some kind of orientation...or something job related. What if he got relocated there? For just like...a year? Totally have to highly consider that.
Okay my chicken is done now. Scott's trying to make my homemade salad dressing and I think I should probably hop up now and help. Have a good night!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arkansas vs Missouri State/Labor Day Lake

Woooooooooh PIG SOOIE!!! I'm hoping we're off to a great start!! The first game of the season was a blast! Jake & Braclyn stayed with Scott and I at my parents house. We all had a really good time! Lots and lots of fun!

The next morning my friends headed back home and Scott and I stayed behind to hang out with my family for Labor Day! My parents got really tickeled when they walked into our bedroom and this is what they saw....
Scott and I eat breakfast in bed together every morning. Special K cereal in a coffee mug because it helps you control your portion size! Of course there's Holly.....right in the middle just where she likes to be when she sleeps with me and Scott!
After a delicious Sunday bruch at Ya Ya's (if you live in LR you must go) my family packed up and headed to Lake De Gray!Holly's favorite spot on the boat! Well, that and the ice chest because she knew that's where all the yummy treats were. She scared me standing on the ledge though. I kept hoping she wouldn't fall overboard!!! She never did BTW.

Most people don't know that Holly has naturally curly hair!! But when we dry it it blows straight. It'd be cute to leave it curly but she gets way too cold to let it naturally air dry. This was right after we put Holly in the lake to swim. She swam for a couple of minutes and I just can't decide what she thinks. I think she doesn't like it.....stresses her out. But while she's swimming she looks like she's enjoying herself so I just can't really decide.Holly has a lot of fun on the boat! She so little I almost feel like she's going to get blown away!! It's really funny when we start going fast!

This weekend was really great! I got to spend it the best way possible! Razorback game and boat!! AND all my favorite people were there with me! I'm excited for the football season to start! It's definitely my favorite time of the year.
And just to update you, today is Scott's first day at his new job! He's a Catagory Analyst for Sara Lee. It's lunch time and I haven't heard from him so I'm assuming his new boss took him to lunch. I can't wait to hear how his day is! We're really excited about this job. It's a really good one! I'm hoping he comes home with a welcome basket full of Sara Lee stuff!!! How awesome would that be! Ya'll have a good Tuesday :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


On Saturday night right before I went to bed I noticed that I was getting this real sharp, stiff, pinch in my neck. By Monday morning my neck was completely stuck. Like, I couldn't even try to move it from one said to the other. This has happened to me in my life 3 other times before. In the past I've gone to get it massaged out and it makes it feel a little better but doesn't really fix it.
I've been complaining to Scott since I met him that my body seems to be really tense and I'm always uncomfortable in my neck and shoulders. I've talked about going to a chiropractor for a while but have never followed through with it. I took my stuck neck as an opportunity to go visit a chiropractor for the first time in my life and hopefully he would not only fix my stuck neck but maybe relieve some of the pain in my tense shoulders as well. So I made an appointment with a chiropractor that was recommended to me and off Scott and I went.
First the doctor cracked me between my shoulder blades and it felt so good. Then, he had me sit in a chair so he could pop my neck. When he did it, I instantly looked at him and told him I was about to pass out. And I did!! Scott said I freaked him out because my body started convulsing like I was having a seizure. I clearly freaked the doctor out too because he had sweat beads pouring down his face. When I came to, he laid me down and asked me if I was epileptic. I said no and he told me that in his 25 years he had seen that happen to his patients only 2 other times. He said I had a ton of stress in my neck and shoulders and when he adjusted me it made my nerves go insane and it made me pass out. No need to worry...just lay there until I feel better and made a joke that I was gonna be 'one of those patients!'
So I laid there with Scott until I felt fine to get up, pay then leave. We walked into the waiting area and the receptionist told us the amount, Scott handed her the credit card and I looked at Scott and said 'I'm about to pass out.' AND I DID! AGAIN! Boom. Completely hit the floor. Scott didn't even catch me. He said he just watched in amazement and shock as I fell backwards and hit my head on one of the chairs in the waiting room. (bad husband) Scott said the chiropractor saw it happen and ran over to me shaking me and yelling my name trying to get me to wake up. When I came to the second time, my first thought was 'did I just do that again?' They picked me up and took me into a back room where I could lay down, covered me in ice and told me to lay still for a long time. Scott got me some crackers and water and after about 25 minutes I felt okay to leave....and I didn't pass out again.
We got in the car and we were both completely freaked out. I called my Uncle Rex who's a doctor and told him what happened and asked him if I should go to the hospital and he said no then said the same thing the chiropractor said. That I must have been extremely tensed up and my nerves just went crazy when he adjusted me. I asked him about me shaking like a seizure the first time I passed out and he said again, it was just my nerves that I must have been crazy tense. He said I would be just fine.
I came home and laid down and Scott and I couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the night. He told me that I'm a polite passer-outer because I at least warn you every time I'm about to do it! And he felt really bad for letting me fall all the way back and hit the chair with my head! We googled if that's normal and of course I'm like, 1 in a million people that does that. You know me, always have to have the weird medical problem.
I was supposed to go in for another adjustment today because he didn't get to finish with all the passing out but I opted out. Do you seriously think I'll ever go back to a chiropractor?! I'd be terrified that I'd pass out again. No more chiropractors for me. The guy was really nice though and called late last night to check on me. Scott told him I wasn't going to come in anymore because I was too frightened to and he completely understood.
So yeah, that was my day yesterday. Quite the drama queen. And if you're wondering, my neck feels 85% today. I think from now on though, I'll just stick to the massages and the muscle relaxers my uncle calls in for me!