Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food Poisoning

Well, it's been a week since I last blogged/posted my video. My youtube account tells me how many views my wedding video has. It's been up only a week now and it's gotten 171 views! Who are you people watching my video? I assumed just about 60 people read my blog but I'm clearly wrong. (I say 60 because of that Obama poll I had a while back.) Glad so many people are enjoying it or I hope you enjoyed it anyway. When I first got it in the mail I probably watched it 20 times before it got old. Scott was like, 'really? We're doing this again?'
So what have I been doing the past few days. Umm...that would be hugging the toilet as I have gotten an extreme case of food poisoning. Just when I think I'm okay and feel like I can do something productive I get super exhausted and have to go lay down for yet another 2 hours. It started with me at 2 a.m. yesterday morning. As of 3 yesterday afternoon Scott started getting sick. Not quite as bad as me but definitely not feeling good. We're blaming it on Hog Haus on Dickson street because it's the only place we've eaten out since Scott moved back. It's either their salad or their wings because Scott and I shared both. Just the thought of a buffalo wing makes me want to throw up. Scott and I actually have been able to eat some soup today so that's good. Yesterday the only thing that sounded appetizing to me was a sprite and to Scott a diet coke. I've never had food poisoning before and I don't care to get it again. Not fun. Scott and I tried to make the bed up earlier and we got winded and had to lay down. Haha. I'm feeling a little better now. It's amazing what a good shower and washing your hair can do for you when you're sick. I know you all know what I'm talking about. At first I thought it was cute that Scott and I were sick together but I'm kinda over that. I don't know what I was thinking...
Anyways, enough of that. I think I'll be 100% better tomorrow. Hope so. I feel like I haven't been to work the whole month of July because of sickness. Vacation too but mostly sickness. The last time I was sick was January of 2005. Seriously, I never get sick. So I'm sure my work thinks I'm a hypochondriac because I've been really sick all of July and keep calling in saying I can't come to work. I hate looking like a slacker. I keep telling myself I literally can't help it but it doesn't make me feel better about it.
Okay well, I'm feeling enough energy to go to Walmart. I've just got to get out of the house. I'm going stir crazy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Highlights Video!!

Jade Mountain

I was excited when I flipped through my Us Weekly this week and discovered Kendra went to the exact same honeymoon resort as Scott and I, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia! Wonder if they were in our room! :) Look! Scott and I have the same waterfall pic!
Anyways, you probably don't think that's interesting but Scott and I did!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jaclyns Bachelorette Party in Miami!!

I had a fantastic weekend with my fantastic friends in Miami-South Beach! Let me start from the beginning.
First of all I was slightly worried I wasn't going to be able to go. I had, as Scott calls it, a lady problem. Major bladder pains. Had to go to the ER. I was miserably hurting for over a week until I finally went to the ER as I was sobbing doubled over in pain last Tuesday night. I was feeling a touch better by Thursday after several visits to the doctors and many blood tests later. Apparently my doctor nicked a nerve while doing my yearly pap exam. Neat. All's good now and I'm on the hunt for a new OBGYN if anyone has one up here they particularly love.
Okay so now for the fun part!! I land in Miami around 10:30 pm. Jax and Christina are the only ones there so far! I take a cab to the hotel which was extremely scary doing by myself. I texted Scott the cabbies name and number just in case. I was on edge the whole time feeling very vulnerable as that man could have taken me anywhere he wanted if he was a creeper. Thankfully he took me to my hotel, The Sagamore
I get the chance to catch up with Jax and Stina for a few hours which was lovely. (They're great and in love BTW) At 3:00 Anna and Jaclyn FINALLY arrive. They had major flight delay. We pretty much went to bed as soon as they got there. The next day, Ashley arrived to the hotel at 10:30 and us girls put on our bikinis and headed out!
First we decided to eat lunch at this restaurant on Ocean Drive called The Back Porch (I think) and it was Y-U-M-M-Y! Lite and healthy. Just want I like!

After we were finished we walked a few steps and headed to the beach! We had our ice chest full of our yummy drinks and we would fix our drink, get in the ocean, finish, fix another, and start all over! My idea of perfection. We just stayed in the ocean the whole time enjoying our grown-up drinks and catching up for hours! It was great!!!We stayed out on the beach as late as possible then headed up to the room to get ready for our fantastic evening! We had dinner at the Delano hotel then decided to visit their very fun club for a night of dancing after! Next day...same routine.

Saturday was my favorite dinner night! Props to Anna who found this amazing restaurant Taverna Opa for us to have dinner! They play really great music and everyone dances on the tables!!! So fun! I mean.....SO FREAKING FUN!!!

All of us had a blast! We did our fair share of dancing on the tables.
And I'm in love with this picture because I'm clearly trying to rescue Anna from the creepy man.
We pretty much hung out there all evening because it was so fun!! The next day I woke up and Jax and I headed to the airport together because our flights left at the same time. It was a great weekend! I had so much fun with my girls and I'm so happy we went to Miami! I liked the city and would totally go back! Congratulations to my girl for giving us a reason to go!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Last Sunday

You all know how much I hate when Sundays roll around because that means I have to say bye to Scott for the week. Well, this is the last Sunday I'm going to have to deal with that. Scott put his two weeks notice in last week and he's moving to Fayetteville!!!!!! We're very excited/very nervous. Scott still hasn't found a job yet. We're taking a large risk since Scott's pretty much the financial provider in our relationship. However, we've been apart for 10 months now and we're officially over it. If you all remember I nearly had a nervous breakdown one Sunday a month or so ago. I just came to a breaking point where my heart literally couldn't take being away from my sweet husband anymore. So Scott and I made the decision that by a certain date, job or no job, we were putting an end to it. So we did. No job. We feel okay about it though. Up until about the past month, there were literally no jobs available for Scott to apply for. Like, literally. He spent hours a day looking at vendor sites to see if they had any positions available and notta. However, I guess the economy is getting better because now jobs are popping up! Scott's actually been up here quite a bit the last 2 weeks on lots and lots of interviews with different suppliers! Unfortunately the business world just takes forever between the first interview to the signing of the papers so it still could be months before we hear anything. I have complete faith in Scott though. He's an AMAZING career-oriented man. Anyone who interviews him is blown away. His resume is like, woah! Someone called him an 'athlete of the business world' in one interview. Anyone who meets with him is impressed. Scott still can't believe that he quit his job with no new job to hop over to. He'll just randomly look at me wide eyed and say 'can you believe I quit my job?' It's gonna be good though. We'll be together and that's the only thing that matters. We could live in a dumpster begging for food but it'd be okay cause I'd have him there with me!
So yeah, last Sunday to be alone! I'm very excited! I'm going to Miami this weekend and Scott will be there at the airport on Sunday to pick me up and we'll NEVER have to say good-bye to each other ever ever again!!!! You just don't know how much that thrills me! I'll get to have my buddy with me all the time. I can't even remember what that feels like. Honestly, it's been so long since I've gotten to see Scott every day. Eat dinner together...every day. Kiss and cuddle...every day! And just thinking about not having to talk on the phone warms my heart! I'm just not a phone person. I don't enjoy talking on the phone.
Alright well, I'm gonna watch some TV now. Yeah for getting to live with my husband now!!!!! I just might have to throw a big party! Hmm...something for me to think about now....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Copying Sydney

My high school friend, Sydney, has a blog and I enjoy reading it very much. She keeps me entertained! She was bored and did this and I am too so I'm gonna copy! You're supposed to randomly name 25 people.

1. Scott
2. Jaclyn
3. Jake
4. Brad
5. Syd
6. Kyle
7. Dad
8. Mom
9. Landon
10. Jax
11. Ashley
12. Anna
13. Rebecca
14. Hannah
15. Kels
16. Holly
17. Randy (father-in-law)
18. Jodie (mother-in-law)
19. Steve (step-father-in-law)
20. Nathan Marcotte
21. Grammy
22. Christina
23. Molly Putman
24. James (scott's friend)
25. Trey (scott's other friend)
(There's pictures up of you boys all over my house just to make myself not seem creepy)

-How did you meet 10?(Jax)
We were in the same small group in rush! Both pledged KKG!! Instantly best friends!

-If you had to marry either 7 or 14, who would it be?(Dad & Hannah)
Haha. That's funny because both have had very similar roles in my life. Dad takes care of me and Hannah took care of me all through college (KKG big sis) Dunno though...

-Whats your favorite memory with 24? (James)
Hrrmm...probably planning his surprise visit to Memphis for Scott's birthday!

-What would you do if you had never met 1? (Scott)
Uhhh...probably be living a lonely miserable uneventful life

-Would you date 3?(Jake)
No. OMG that'd be so weird. Although he's the only male I'm just as comfterable (basically) around as my husband. He's seen me pee.

-When was the last time you saw 2? (Jaclyn)
Usually every single day. However I went out of town this weekend so Thursday. Woah! That might as well be 2 months.

-If you had to pick 13 or 21 to die, who would it be? (Rebecca & Grammy)
Uhhh...totally don't even want to let my mind go there. Would be devistated if something happened to either one.

-Did you ever like 9? (Landon)
I like him most out of everybody :)

-Have you ever seen 4 cry? (Brad)

-Who do you dislike the most 16 or 22? (Holly & Christina)
You just can't not love them both!

-Would 4 and 12 make a good couple? (Brad & Anna)
Haha. don't think so.

-Describe 13 (Rebecca)
Smart, fun, georgous, always up for a good time, good listener, good dancer, good friend, always excited to see you!

-Last time you saw 12? (Anna)
Hmm...when is the last time I saw you Anna? Maybe Theos about 2 months ago. Woah. Too long missy! (She works a lot)

-Tell me something about 17 (Randy)
You can read him like a book. So predictable!

-Whats 10's favorite color? (Jax)
Hrrmmm...dunno. I feel like pink wouldn't be too far of a cry

-How long have you known 23? (Molly)
Molly!! Ummm...since I was 20 I think. She's a college buddy! We snuck in Blu together back in the day. And she works for my dad now. Crazy!!

-How did you meet number 7? (Dad)
Ummm....he made me.

-Whats your favorite thing about 11? (Ashley)
How she's always willing to go out and have a good time. I could always depend on her in college when I was feeling blue and needed a pick me up!

-When was the last time you talked to number 6? (Kyle)
This morning

-How do you think 19 feels about you? (Steve)
He loves me! I'm his favorite family addition!

-What language does 15 speak? (Kelsey)
Washingtonian DC

-What grade is 8 in? (Mom)
Yeah this is clearly one of those myspace quizzes

-Is 12 single? (Anna)
Noo! She has Austin...from Magnolia! (Magnoya)

-Whats your favorite thing about 21? (Grammy)
Oooohhh my Grammy! We're super close! I can tell her anything.

-Whats 10's last name? (Jax)
Barry....for now :)

-Where does 8 live? (Mom)
Little Rock

-Would you ever have a serious relationship with 18? (Jodie)
Well, she's Scott's mom...I guess that could be considered a serious relationship.

-What would you like to tell 7 right now? (Dad)
I tried out the video on my new iphone. It's cool

-What do you think about 20? (Nathan)
Great friend! Great entertainment! Always makes me smile.

-Do you love 25? (Trey)
I love that he's such a good friend to Scott! I love hanging out with him!

-What is the best thing about 5? (Syd)
She was a really great girlfriend in high school! One of the very few I had...

-What would you like to tell 16 right now? (Holly)
She ranks top on my favorites list! She's my doodlebug and makes my life full!!

-How did you meet 8? (Mom)
Ummm...while in the womb?

-What is the best thing about 3? (Jake)
He makes me laugh out loud.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Pic

Okay so I know this is so random but I just love this picture so much and realize I've never put it on my blog or facebook or anything. It's on my fridge right now I love it so much! This was taken a little over a year ago. Jake and Jaclyn went wedding dress shopping with me one day at She Said Yes here in Rogers. I don't know what I ate that day but I was really, really into this wedding dress!! Hahahaha. And I was convinced that Jaclyns purple dress was going to be my bridesmaids dress up until about 4 months before the wedding. I changed my mind when I was meeting with my florist and realized I just couldn't commit to a color scheme therefore going with the black dress instead, allowing me to stall for months and months with picking a color scheme. Anways, here's my pic! I love it. :)


Today I woke up very early to head up to Fayetteville. I've been in Little Rock since Friday night. It's always great to get to visit my family. I just love the feeling of my parents cozy house. And my dad always has fantastic wine for us to drink. The icing on the cake is when my sweet nephew is in town visiting from Tampa. Ooohhh Landon. He's one of a kind I'm tellin ya. He's not like any kid I've ever known. He's got so much personality. He's totally not shy. He's just so funny. And SOOOO LOUD. I'm always having to tell him 'Landon be quiet. You're too loud Landon. Use your inside voice bud. Landon listen to my voice, this is the level you should speak at. Landon!! Too loud!!!! Be quiet Landon. Landon hush!!! You're driving me crazy Landon, you're voice is too loud, settle down.' He just doesn't get it. And he asks SOOOOOOO many questions. Oh my gosh does he ask questions. Kyle will just look at me and shake his head and say 'all he does is asks questions.'
Landon seems to need some adventure in his life so when my dad got home from work yesterday, him and I took Landon on a 'nature walk.' My parents live in, I swear, the best neighborhood in Little Rock. It's called Woodlands Edge and there's this nature trail that curves and dips and climbs all through my parents neighborhood. It's so beautiful and there's actually a creek that runs through Woodlands Edge. It actually happens to run right through my parents back yard but it goes throughout the whole neighborhood and it's so beautiful. So Dad and I took Landon on the nature walk. If you're quiet you can hear the beautiful sound of the creek but of course we didn't get to enjoy that because of Landon's questions. We had a funny moment though. At one point my Dad was like, 'Landon, just be quiet and look at all the beauty that's around you.....what do you see.' and Landon goes '.....I see trees!' in the sweetest little innocent voice. So cute! It was a great memory and I'm not sure if I'll ever forget it.
So Landon is SUPER competitive. It worries my mom just a touch because he's so competitive. We're walking into Walmart and Landon will run 2 steps ahead and say 'I'm winning.' Or we're in a car and mom and dad are in a different car and Landon will say 'hurry get ahead and beat them!' EVERYTHING is a competition. I think it could potentially be a good thing if he uses that competitive streak in academics. Anyways, I've discovered a way to make Landon be quiet. We play the quiet game! Whoever is quiet the longest wins. It's so funny too because you can tell it's just killing Landon to be quiet. Whatever works though...
Landon was really funny because this time that he was here, I was his favorite. He always wanted me to sit by him on the couch or in the car or at the dinner table. He wanted me to hold him and me to play with him. Anything I did, he did. He was like my little shadow. Even though he's just 4, it feels pretty good to have someone like you that much! Haha. He's my buddy. I love him. I love just starring at him and watch him do something. He's just adorable. It's too bad they don't stay little forever but I'm very anxious to see what becomes of his life. I believe he's playing t-ball soon, at least he said so, and he asked me if I would come down to Tampa to watch him. DUH. I'll pinch pennies to see that! Landon brings so much joy to my life and I'm so glad I was blessed with such a cutie pie nephew with a big personality!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Of July

My 4th of July weekend wasn't filled with a whole lot of excitement but it seemed to be pretty perfect! I drove down to Little Rock Friday night after I got off work and headed straight to my Uncle Rex's house. He was having a big crawfish boil and I'm glad I got to join my family and experience some of it. Scott and I slept in until about 10 on Saturday. We decided to cook for everyone so we went to the grocery store and got some brats and some bone in BBQ chicken to grill! Boy was it yummy! We completed it with some baked beans, potatoes, and queso! Very American. After lunch our bellies were so stuffed so Scott and I took a nap while watching National Treasure. Later in the evening, my family headed down to the River Market to watch Pops on the River. The Arkansas symphony performed while fireworks were shot off and it was very lovely! That's about it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Landon on the Lake

You've GOT to check out these adorable pictures of my adorable nephew. My family (minus me & Scott) went out on Lake Degray today with some friends. Landon apparently had a blast! He got up on the knee board all by himself! Dad has video of it! (that to come soon) The kid is afraid of nothing. Dad said he kept telling my Dad's friend, Don, 'go faster! go faster!' He's got not 1 scared bone in his body!! I'm so jealous!! I would have loved to see this. Glad he had such a great time. He never fails to enjoy life to the fullest when he visits Arkansas!! Enjoy the pics!!

Adam & Eve

Who curses Adam for eating that dang fruit off that forbidden tree therefore making it mans punishment to work. Raise your hand. I'll just go on ahead and put 2 in the air. I'm SOOOO exhausted. I really, really want some wine but I really need to do my workout video so I don't hate myself and feel guilty the rest of the night. I'm over this whole job thing. I've joked to Scott about knockin myself up so I can go on ahead and be a stay at home mom.....but then I think about what the lesser of two evils would be and decide, for now...just a few years, a job probably works out better. Ugh. I'm just not bred to be one of those hard core career women. I just want to be a wife and mommy. That'll totally fulfill my needs when the day comes. Until then though, how snorefest boring would life be if I didn't have a job and just sat on my butt all day? Very. So work it is for now at least...whatev. Over it...
I ate lunch at McAlisters with Jaclyn today and feel like a fat pig because we ordered the queso with chilli and licked it clean. All the more reason I just need to hop up right now and do my workout. I just can't get motivated to do level 2. It kicks my butt. Like seriously, I'm always like....'oh my gosh, do I need to run to the bathroom and throw up real fast??' I fall flat on my face when it's time for cool down. And I GRUNT while I'm working out. How butch is that? Yeah...she's tough. She says she wants me to feel like I'm going to die.....mission accomplished!
Okay...I better put my workout clothes on and do this freaking video. Dang. What a women has to do to be thin. This is all Eve's fault you know....